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June 13th, 2017 7:48 pm     A+ | a-

We are Fighting for Personal Revenge with a Logic that it's what GOD wants.... It's What will keep you, your family, your community SAFE

when they drew the borderlines they fulfilled personal ambitions.... A few AMBITIOUS still when search History they find a Reason to feel glorified if they can draw a few lines on the ground by Drawing the Lines in the Heart in the mind... Eradicating your Divine Higherness through Narrow Thinking by sitting examples of living in an unsafe world of threats siting examples of insecurity for your kids and community

It's all about PERSONAL AMBITIONS of a few who Know How to Play the Game and get glorified for History... Whatever will be written will be remembered by future generation as what happened and not what really happened... Someone wrote it for a Living, for a promotion, for a gain and Generation follows it as History Speaks...

Rather than asking questions to predecessor generations What measures did you took to make us save? They will ask It was and we will fight for it...

Written for personal blog about observation from living world

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