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3 Words That Make Difference
June 16th, 2016 2:38 pm     A+ | a-
Human Mind likes Familarity.We like to have similar things and results around us.Its for this reason we feel uncomfortable if suddenly we win a lottery , we get recognition saying " I can't believe this". Our mind is conditioned to that money / recognition can't come to me. Depends on type of image mind holds , it likes to see similar images. A sudden change will make mind insecure, uneasy to accept external reality.

The image of deservingness. Is your mind prepared for that Enough. Even if you get enough you may feel I am not deserving and may end up loosing the sudden windfall or in other instance where the image has not come to your expectation you may feel down syndrome , you may be so dependent on external factors that we may feel I am not enough.

We like to feel I am not enough. if someone did not say us hello or good morning we feel i am not enough so we complain and feel ignored.

If you get praise and suddenly you think was i so good. We try to balance by adding a little criticism to us or by diverting Praise Talks to Return Complement talk , But not as good as you or I am just ok still learning it out.

if you had been getting recognition after recognition and one day suddenly you are not nominated as the best, we feel i am not enough. We link our existance to be depending on recognition.

When we were born we did not need recognition to make us happy , we felt happy with simle things , sound of door bell was enough to make us feel happy where as today same baby after being highly successful may be depending on crowd applauds to feel Happy,complete and Enough.

We are actually born enough.I am always been enough. I now know I am enough.
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