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Weekend Story in Pictures
July 19th, 2015 5:32 pm
CarryonHarry Talk Show Host Harry Johal Singapore
A weekend Outdoor :  Shopping & Dinning 

CarryonHarry Talk Show Host Harry Johal Singapore
How I am a Blessed Person ?
July 19th, 2015 4:42 pm

Good morning and welcome to my Up Close and Personal Blog,

Its wonderful morning our here in Singapore and i really love the moment when i see the Sun out of my Studio Window.Sun shines with promises , It promises to me that I am going to have new opening for the day, it promises and inspires me that I have to rise, i have to shine, i have to wipe out negativity I have to do some great work and i have to live a purpose in greatest possible way .

Why i call myself Blessed ? 

Every Morning  i am  blessed to talk to some of best personalities , coaches, experts that puts my mind on right mode of thinking. I ask them questions but i get my answers too. My email box brings all those opportunities to connect me to these people who want to share knowledge on my show. I feel it great that this knowledge is going to add value to me and my listeners. 

Singapore Talk Show CarryOnHarry

As i am sipping my cup of tea as i am writing this , what is going in mind is the talks that i just finsihed with a coach from US about H...

Wonderful start for a wonderful day
July 18th, 2015 7:11 pm

Hi , Thank you for being here on my personal blog which i was living with an idea to start for past few days. my personal space. a place where i can be myself and i can be more up close and personal to my guests and visitors of CarryonHarry Talk show. A small space of my own where i can feel like a free bird ..... this morning i decided to give it a start .

well these days i have started reading Oprah Winfrey book " What I Know for sure" . I have touched a few pages and instead of speed reading the book i have decided to go slow .... infact super slow and enjoy the every single word. I love the simplicity of her expression and simplicity of way she says Masala Chai. Well I Love Masala tea too. I am an indian by birth and Masala Tea is something that every indian is aware about.....

Sunday Morning waking up to a great Sunny Day with my loved wife Jessi next to me was one great thing i always admire about my life. my Soulmate my friend and guide. I would say i am blessed since the...