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Social Media Stigma
January 23rd, 2019 10:56 pm
Welcome to my Blog post Carry On Harry Blogs. its been sometime i have really put down my heart into my blog. I do write for quenching thirst of my soul rather to get hold of blog post to get likes or shares on social media. So here i am with one such post to write about growing dependency on social media for likes than to voice for your consciousness. I understand social recognition has become like a stigma in minds of its users to like without reading. we have adopted a methodology to like a visual post, which at times really means to like however sometimes i feel likes are meant just for a social proof and acknowledgement for followers other than understanding the post motive behind. Agreed a Picture can be eye pleasing however what about the content that is being written as point of view by someone. Does it really holds on to mind if its been posted just by someone who has no social proof. No body bothers to even share it. But if same content is posted by a celebrity people just pounce upon to get registered in the mind of influencer. what does comes out from here. that we give importance to the writer and not its post. The Stigma of Social Proof has overtaken the quality of content. Just a point of view that i felt to share out with readers of this blog. Thank You for now.
Untitled Post
June 13th, 2017 7:48 pm

We are Fighting for Personal Revenge with a Logic that it's what GOD wants.... It's What will keep you, your family, your community SAFE

when they drew the borderlines they fulfilled personal ambitions.... A few AMBITIOUS still when search History they find a Reason to feel glorified if they can draw a few lines on the ground by Drawing the Lines in the Heart in the mind... Eradicating your Divine Higherness through Narrow Thinking by sitting examples of living in an unsafe world of threats siting examples of insecurity for your kids and community

It's all about PERSONAL AMBITIONS of a few who Know How to Play the Game and get glorified for History... Whatever will be written will be remembered by future generation as what happened and not what really happened... Someone wrote it for a Living, for a promotion, for a gain and Generation follows it as History Speaks...

Rather than asking questions to predecessor generations What measures did you took to make us save? They will ask It was and we will fight for it...

Written for personal blog about observation from living world

What past teaches ?
June 13th, 2017 7:33 pm


Something bad that has happened in past and stuck with it is like blocking a part of you on same position where you were as a weakness .... Focus is here of thinking focusing staying on asking Why I was Weak? Why this happened? Instead ask HOW TO AVOID THIS HAPPENING AGAIN IN FUTURE... BRAINSTORM on how to avoid this for future or future generation.... Remembering a hurt is not bad but getting stuck with it is like you yourself don't want to find it happening again....

What are you doing today to avoid it happening ? Have you done something about it that you have a solution that without confronting it gets avoided...

Develop that Nuclear Power (An image not the Actual War) around you that no one dares to touch your Dream Your Family Your Community

Bad experiences are points of learning and not living with it. It's meant to find from where water crept into your boat and it rocked it down....

Life is about making better choice... You want to seek revenge for past hurt or you want to have solution that it does not happen again for future

Written for my personal blog....