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  1. Robert Trebor Book Talks The HairCut Who Would Be King
  2. Author Crystal Westman talks Intoxicated Witch
  3. Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur
  4. Film Director Eddie Lengye The Curse of Lilith Ratchet (2018)
  5. Author Whitney Vosburgh is co-founder of WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY
  6. Maureen St. Germain has a new book out! The Title is Opening the Akashic Records
  7. Author Shawanda Randolph 2- Beautiful Women
  8. Crime Thriller Author David Statham
  9. Karen Noe Author psychic medium, spiritual counselor
  10. Gitty Winter Author of In My Heart
  11. Power Of Paradise - Author Numerologist David Ski
  12. Author Jonathan Robinson More Love Less Conflict
  13. Author Bob Van from Belgium
  14. “Her Name Is Mercie”, a noir feature in a collection of short stories by Chris Roy
  15. Dr Kathy Gruver " Stress Management Tips "
  16. Bobby Talks Cinema with Bobby Sing
  17. Crushing Cancer with Dara Kurtz
  18. Zena Contreras Life Coach
  19. Natural Born Coaches Expert MarcMawhinney
  20. Explaining Happiness With Author Peter Spinogatti
  21. Brian Gardner Award-winning journalist, author of Plan for America and The World
  22. Dr Robert Lussier - Publish Do Not Parish
  23. Communication Expert Izahi Santana
  24. Light is the Key to Optimal Health, Contentment and a Life Filled With Purpose - Dr Liberman
  25. Life Coach Lily Sanders "Truth To Triumph
  26. Touch Of Joy With Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi
  27. Christa Deána (Duh-nay)Christian Singer/Songwriter from Philadelphia
  28. Things I Need To Say - Jeremy Parsons
  29. Music Artist Matt Westin Debut Album Legacy
  30. Book Author J.E. Bean aka Elise Marra
  31. Awakening Dynamics System With Brent Michael Phillips
  32. Whispers of the Himalaya With Ajayan Borys
  33. Dr. Saida Desilets Mission to Empower Men and Women about Sexually Sovereign
  34. Quantum Touch With Richard Gordon
  35. Good Morning Gorgeous with Dale Smith Thomas


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