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Money Live Event help teens avoid financial pitfalls and teaches how to make sound financial decisions.
Monday - June 1, 2015 12:24 pm
 Alliance Financial Ministries and event Director Lonnie Mathews will present MoneyLIVE 2015 event , a financial workshop series and career fair for youth and parents on June 20 at NRG Park. The one-day event, sponsored by Capital One Bank, is designed to help attendees practice financial prudence through simulation exercises and other learning tools.
Keynote speakers include Terry Williams, vice president of H-E-B , Tonya Artis, project manager at Wells Fargo Financial, and Jillian “jj on the mic” Simmon- Dj for 97.9 the BOXX ( Radio One) . The event is free and open to the public.
“American consumers are nearly $12 trillion in debt, and this number is increasing each year,” said Lonnie Mathews, director of Alliance Financial Ministries and author of “Spend Everything: An Inspirational Guide to Money Management.” “Our event is designed to help families, especially teens, embrace financial literacy and start making strides toward a more solid financial future.”
During the MoneyLIVE 2015 event, youth will be given a new identity, income, family, budget, checkbook and debit card. Through a series of financial literacy exercises, they will learn how to make responsible financial decisions, and the consequences of poor choices.
Parents will have the opportunity to attend four workshops. These sessions will help bolster their financial knowledge, and empower them to coach their children on personal financial best practices.
“Many of our attendees will be heading off to college soon or are already in college,” said Mathews. “Our goal is that they proactively leverage the tools and strategies gleaned from the event, along with parental support, to begin their adult lives making smart financial decisions.”
Registration for MoneyLIVE 2015 begins at 8:30 a.m. The event will also include a career fair and expo, food and giveaways. Sponsors include DOW Chemical, H-E-B, Baylor Asset Management, The Bank of River Oak, Spirit of Texas Bank and Nationwide Technology Group.  
To register for the event, Volunteer or  donate visit 
Alliance Financial Ministries, Inc is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote financial literacy by providing financial education programs for individuals and organizations that want to enjoy a more financially secure future.  Alliance has been in existence for 12 years, and currently offers several workshops in various areas of personal finance. Alliance Financial Ministries, Inc. is to provide a unique and dynamic learning experience for all the individuals that attend one of our seminars or workshops.

MoneyLIVE is a program designed for high school through college age youth to provide them with the financial decision-making tools they need to create financial independence. This live one-day event will give high school through college students a hands on opportunity to learn about careers in the areas of engineering, sciences and business. The lessons learned during this event create good financial habits that last a lifetime.

- Media Release ThinkZILLA PR GROUP
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