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About Upcoming Guest Wendy Nolin
Wednesday - June 10, 2015 3:20 am
About Upcoming Guest Wendy Nolin
CarryOnHarry Talk Show upcoming Guest Wendy told us

We are all a result today of yesterday’s programming. We've been programmed by the people who love us most, and they simply did the best they knew how at the time. But we do have the choice now to accept or reject that programming and do life on our terms. And that includes the choice to believe that each of us is great in some way, to step into and own that greatness, and start creating and living the life we desire. "

We will be looking forward to more from Wendy's  point of view  when she says we are all results of Yesterday's Programming  What is this programming ? How does this stops us from achieving our true potential ? How can we overcome this ?  Wendy is going tp  Help us to understand in upcoming talk show. 

What Talk show host Harry Johal loved  about  Wendy was her bold statement in signature of her email and website  "

Turning "B" Players Into "A" Players

And "A" Players Into Rockstars!

Wendy also will be introducing her next book "
"Own Your Greatness - Stop Apologizing and Start Asking for What You Want"

Who is Wendy Nolin ?

Wendy Nolin is the President of Change Agent Careers, LLC, a career development coaching firm founded in 2008, and Wendy Nolin Worldwide, the business and executive coaching division launched in 2014. Wendy has nearly 2 decades of business and career development experience working with executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners to take their business to the next level and help them make more money faster. Wendy turns B players into A players, and A players into Rock Stars!

Entrepreneur: After 2 very successful careers lasting a decade each, Wendy hired her own coach to discover she wanted to be a coach. In 2008 she launched her practice to help people who were stuck in the ‘spin cycle’ find the right career for the right reasons. In 2014 she expanded to add a business and executive coaching division, Wendy Nolin Worldwide, to her thriving coaching practice.

Sales & Sales Training Virtuoso: Wendy’s career is steeped in sales. She has sold products and services spanning coaching services, software, training programs, luxury retail goods and butts in seats (airline seats). In addition to direct sales experience, she has trained sales teams, trainers, managers and other coaches to achieve their highest profit margins, exceed sales goals and beat long-held company sales, revenue and profit records. As a self-described Sales Diagnostician, Wendy can pinpoint with laser accuracy where a person lost the prospect and coaches them on more effective methods to close the deal.

Professional Speaker: Wendy is a subject matter expert in the business and career development space, and has spoken at numerous conferences locally and nationally such as, ExecSense, Executive Women in Texas Government, The American Library Association, The Department of Veterans Affairs, and numerous other venues. She is an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking speaker who interacts with her audience and leaves them wanting more!

Next Level Coach: Wendy is a Strategic Thinking Partner in her clients’ business and career, collaborating with, motivating, and driving them to achieve their maximum potential. Clients who work with Wendy have seen results immediately upon implementing the effective strategies she has coached them on. Wendy is a product of the product and has her own business coach to continue achieving milestones and take her business to the next level – she walks her talk and implements the same strategies she coaches her clients to utilize.

Specialties: Ass-kicking, sales, training, business development, rainmaking, profit, career development, career transformation, networking, accountability, strategy, goal achievement, time maximization, speaking and presenting, personal performance improvement.

Stay tuned as we are equally looking forward to understand Wendy's point of view and how she can turn ordinary people into ROCKSTARS

- CarryonHarry Talk Show
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