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"Own Your Greatness" - This book is about my own journey of stepping into and owning my greatness - Wendy Nolin
Monday - June 15, 2015 1:28 am
"My name is wendy Nolin ,I'm a High Performance Coach. I work with business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and managers to take their career or business to the next level. I call myself an Ass Kicker for Hire - you can get the stiletto or the fuzzy slipper, either way you're gettin' it!"

What are some great qualities required to make a mark in your profession ?
"Relatability - my own true stories about how I've come up against and learned how to get through the same challenges my clients are going through.

Constant improvement - all great coaches have coaches, and I continue to hone my skills as coach by being coached myself. I am on a constant quest to improve and become better so that I can continue to deliver exceptional coaching to my clients to help them achieve their highest potential."

The Book that will fascinate visitors of CarryOnHarry Talk Show ?
"Own Your Greatness - This book is about my own journey of stepping into and owning my greatness. It's about how successful people become successful, how to crack the code to own's own self-worth and self-confidence, and most importantly, once you get there, how do you maintain it when you suffer a blow or encounter those who wish to undermine you."

How did the idea to conceptualize this book come to you ?
"I wrote a blog post about my observation that there is an epidemic of over-humility in society today as a result of programming and buying into untrue stories that people are telling us. I realized there was only a small percentage of people who are even comfortable in their own skin, let alone actually owning their greatness and doing what it takes to maintain it through the most difficult challenges."

What issues and advice have you picked/ suggested in theme of the book ?
"That each and every one of us has greatness within, and that if you don't have someone to tell you that, you need to start telling yourself. The most important story you believe is the one you tell yourself, so consciously choose the story you want and start living it today."

How will this Book Help its readers ? Can you Define Structural approach with Chapters ?
"Chapter 1: The Epidemic of Over-humility
Chapter 2: What is Your Greatness?
Chapter 3: The Deservability Factor
Chapter 4: How Are You Showing Up?
Chapter 5: Consciously Choose Your Story
Chapter 6: Detach from Meaning
Chapter 7: Go Back to Basics
Chapter 8: Match Your Actions to Your Intentions
Chapter 9: Install a Safety Net
Chapter 10: You Own it, Now Maintain It!"

How does this book relate to real life scenarios ? Give us an account ?
"We are a nation of sheeple, of followers, and we have been programmed to believe other people's stories without stopping to consider whether we want to believe it. But at some point, some of us break free from the pack and figure out that we don't have to follow the herd, and we can be our own person. That includes owning those things that we are great at, because we are all great at many things. When we step into and own our greatness, life is much easier, success comes faster, and we can let go of the myth that life and business requires us to struggle or suffer."

What sort of feedback has come to you from readers ?
"The book isn't published yet, but I've interviewed about a dozen successful people who agree that owning one's greatness requires certain habits, actions, intentions, and constant maintenance. It isn't a scenario where you achieve it and then you're done. It's a situation where constant effort and attention has to be focused in this area in order to keep being great."

How can readers connect with you ?

- CarryonHarry Talk Show Press Service
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