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Temba Magorimbo introduces his book Lake Of My Heart
Tuesday - May 19, 2015 6:27 pm
Temba Magorimbo introduces his book Lake Of My Heart
Temba Magorimbo was born on 09 August 1966, Tuesday in the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in Gwelo (then) now Gweru. His father was a British South Africa Police (BSAP) officer from 1960 to 1977 while his mother was a housewife. He grew up circulating Gwelo's police camps like Mkoba, Mutapa, Old Camp and Monomutapa as the family moved residences until he started school in 1973 at Bumburwi Primary in Mkoba for a term.

The family moved to Senga from 2nd term 1973 until he concluded his primary education in 1979. He did his high school briefly (two weeks) at Nashville High in Gweru before moving to Ascot in 1980 until 1983. He is currently married to Itayi with whom they have two daughters. He is a government bursar since 1989.

Tell us a bit biographical journey of yours ? How did you became an author ?

"I started writing at about 12 years of age. I was inspired by radio drama or stories. Since then I tried attracting mainstream traditional publishers. Unless I had gone to Robben Island with Nelson Mandela, none was interested. Had I tried posing in the nude, I guess even Playboy wouldn't have been moved. I tried subsidy twice with disappointing results even though I had a budget for advertising. I moved to free indie publishing and here we are.

What does your Book Subject deals in ? Please give an introduction about your book ?

"Lake Of My Heart is a contemporary romance fiction that touches on a couple whose marriage is floundering. The story starts from within their marriage working backwards in flashback narrative examining their dating profile before marriage.""

What was inspiration behind the characters that you wrote in the book ? Any real life people that have shades in them ?

"Characters are created from fiction and there is on real life comparison. I was inspired by couples who find time to prevent divorces. I think the sanctity of a composite family is very important. Added to which love or real romance wanes and shines again in stages hence couples should fight for their marriages to prevent social problems. Children from single parent homes or broken marriages tend to be social misfits."

How fascinating was the journey of writing this book ?

"Every book has its own challenges. It's very difficult for a writer to past with a book baby. The journey was travelled well. Each book brings unique challenges from research and writing point of view to strong or weak characters and supporting characters. It is all different yet enjoyable while it lasts. I miss writing each published book in a different way. Some books look easy to write while other require the author to sweat. After plotting and outlining, this one was not very difficult though some chapters tended to appear hard to construct unlike others that had to be split into two."

Is the Plot of book somewhere inspired from any incident or things around ?

"The plot was just a figurement of runaway fiction imagination. It wasn't inspired by any real event. At times, I am quite suprised where the stories come from. At other times, there are on stories."

Your Writing process involves any research work in media or is it totally based on imagination and experiences from life ?

"The plot was just a figurement of runaway fiction imagination. It wasn't inspired by any real event. At times, I am quite suprised where the stories come from. At other times, there are on stories."

How different are you from your characters in the Books and stories you write ?

"We are totally different. I never drunk or smoked, my characters do. I didn't go to assenticeship or university training my characters did. I don't even write my romantic real life experiences."

Was this book originally planned or did it came to your mind while working on another project of yours ?

"It was planned, schemed and left to mature like wine. It was placed in an oven with yeast to grow bigger"

Anything that you would like to tell us about yourself or your book that we missed ?

"I am an afternoon or evening person. I love writing because I can create scenarios that I can't have in real life. Writing soothes the soul and placates the mind."

Any advice for new writers ?
"Never market your book to an audience comprised of fellow authors. Don't bother trying literary agents or traditional publishers, go indie. Never published the first draft and keep writing."

Will you dabble in other writing styles and what would it be ?

"I wouldn't know if I will try other writing styles or genres, maybe I will try non-fiction."

Where can readers Buy your Books ?

"Go to any search engine and try my name(s). My books are available everywhere on the internet."

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