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From the Office of Tom Ufert 2016 Presidential Candidate 'Independent Write In Campaign'
Wednesday - June 17, 2015 6:01 pm

Independent Write In Campaign

- Since both major political parties have become entrenched in dogmatic political rhetoric that stresses party before country, rebukes any reasonable compromise solutions that offer answers rather than gridlock and seems compelled to maintain a dynastic status quo of past mistakes, this None Of The Ubove Campaign offers an alternative for Americans to vote in protest

- Both Republicans & Democrats are locked into a primary electoral system that panders to fringe partisan special interests in the pursuit of becoming the nominee, then flip flop on vital national issues to slug it out in a general election contest.  The voters can’t trust either nominee to be a President for ALL Americans or remain consistent in their vision or message

- NOTU 2016 gives the independent, dissatisfied, disenfranchised and frustrated majority of voters an avenue to have their voices heard, their votes & contributions matter while sending a clear message to the whole corrupt broken system that America is still a land of the People, by the People and for the People.  Enough Is Enough and We’re Gonna Rock the Vote!

- This shall be a grass roots campaign of the People to write in an alternative protest vote in all 44 states that allow write in candidates

- NOTU 2016 supports public referendums in the remaining 6 states that prohibit write in ballots to give the People of those states equal opportunity to vote in protest to the corrupt two national political parties

Campaign Finance Reform

- To demonstrate our commitment to Campaign Finance Reform, NOTU 2016 will not accept any PAC money, corporate donations, establish a super-PAC and all personal campaign contributions will be limited to $100.  This campaign will only be bought and paid for by the American People 

- At the end of the election, after all campaign expenses are paid, the remaining campaign contributions collected by NOTU 2016 will be charitably donated to feed the hungry, house the homeless and care for the disabled.  NOTU 2016 challenges every other presidential campaign to do the same

- NOTU 2016 supports a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

- NOTU 2016 supports an establishment of codified campaign expenditure limits

- NOTU 2016 supports legislation requiring an allocation of 33% of all left over campaign funds to a public financing campaign fund to be administered by a non-partisan publicly elected 9 member Board of Elections with rotating 3 year terms

- NOTU 2016 calls for the elimination of all gifts & donations from lobbyists

- NOTU 2016 seeks to expand the “revolving door” restriction to a 10 year restriction on all former government officials from becoming registered lobbyists/consultants

Advocacy for Citizen Legislators rather than Career Politicians

- To fully demonstrate this campaign’s commitment to the concept of citizen legislators as advocated by Thomas Jefferson, I, Tom Ufert as the official presidential candidate do solemnly swear to refuse office if and when elected.  This promise is to inspire my fellow countrymen to take up the mantle of responsible and informed citizens.  Our present leadership class has succumbed to the corruptive influences of power as career politicians

- Such a move to elect None Of The Ubove will send a clear message that partisan influenced career aspirations unashamedly funded by self-serving special interests and wealthy donors can no longer be tolerated.  The American voters can be confident that my promise to refuse office only serves the national interest by creating a constitutional crisis that forces the re-evaluation of our corrupt electoral system.  A new election will be required that listen’s to the People rather than takes them for granted

- Furthermore, since our present leadership class refuses to curb their own insatiable career ambitions, the NOTU 2016 Campaign proposes establishing congressional term limits.  U.S. Representatives can serve no more than 6 consecutive terms and U.S. Senators can serve no more than 3 consecutive terms.  Furthermore, no Member of Congress can serve more than a combined 40 years in Congress.  This will provide for a regular refreshing of federal legislative leadership and allow for a routine rise of brighter minds to meet the test of their times.

LGBTQ Issues

As the only openly gay presidential candidate, there are certain issues that need to be given a Presidential voice to.  It must be clearly understood that while I am an openly gay man, being gay is not all that I’m about.  I am not a Gay-American, I am an American with all the same rights and freedoms as every American citizen protected by the U.S. Constitution

Redress & Reform of Life Insurance restrictions for HIV survivors

- Outdated & prejudicial insurance industry standards specifically regarding HIV survivors fails to adequately address improved life expectancy or quality of life issues that modern medicine has successfully achieved for HIV patients. Continued denial of end of life equal protection insurance benefits subjugates this protected disability class to second hand citizenship 

Marriage Equality

- Believing that Equal Protection under the U.S. Constitution provides for all citizens in a committed relationship the right to marry under the law and be afforded all the rights/privileges therein,  no state should be allowed to prohibit or restrict individuals because of sexual identity 

- Since issuances of marriage licenses are a strictly legally binding codifier by government entities and governed by judiciary review without regard of arbitrarily moral religious  distinctions but rather contractual modifiers, to further prohibit same sex couples from having accepted legal protections is by its nature unconstitutional and prejudicial relegating these individuals to 

separate and unequal class status

- Though my partner and I don’t feel that a state issued license is required to certify our 15 year committed relationship as legitimate, we do feel that legal recognition of our partnership for the purposes of inheritance, medical & legal responsibility is a necessity to insure and guarantee our rights

- These protections do not require particular religious institutions, individuals and/or businesses to conduct marriage ceremonies and the complimentary affairs that they find morally objectionable.  However, said moral objections do not entitle  certain religiously affiliated individuals or entities to assert their beliefs as dominate over equal rights and constitutionally protected freedoms

Redistricting Reform

- requiring all states to transform from majority partisan legislative controlled redistricting commissions to independent redistricting commissions (IRCs) by either judicial appointment or popular election

Immigration Reform

- Since Congress has failed to pass immigration reform and has not addressed arbitrary immigration quotas in over 20 years primarily due to partisan pandering, an independent immigration commission needs to be established

- Enact a 5 year incremental guest worker program similar to Germany’s successful program needs to be established that recognizes specific industry labor market needs, provides for annual visa quota re-evaluation and simplifies the highly bureaucratic & cumbersome 60+ visa classifications presently used

- Make the E-verify system permanent and mandatory 

- Eliminate the cap on non-agricultural H-2 visas and allowing unlimited visas for high skilled STEM workers

- Enact a visa “pricing” system “…requiring employers to pay a fee when they hire guest workers — which would provide an incentive for hiring the native-born and is a better way to allocate visas than the centrally planned and administered quotas in 
place today.” (L.A. Times 10/20/2014)

- Allow for visa portability that would permit guest workers to change employers and decrease exploitation

- Increase funding by $1 billion to diminish and eliminate america’s backlogged immigration system – this is specifically directed at doubling the number of immigration court judges to handle the 2+ years of immigration hearings backlog – the present 243 judges deal with an average of 1500 cases or busier districts with 2500-6400 cases allowing an average of 7 mins per case to handle a backlog of 350,000 cases (Economic Policy Institute 7/24/2014)

- These reforms could potentially increase U.S. exports by a projected 51% and reduce the number of undocumented immigrants from 71% to 12% within 5 years

- As for border security, partisan rhetoric and public outrage has seen increased funding for border security by the last 2 administrations and numerous programs like Gatekeeper, Hold-the-Line as well as Catch and 

Release have had mixed results.  The additions of a patchwork style border wall and hi-tech surveillance operations have resulted in cost overruns and program inefficiencies that have had marginal results at best.  In many ways these efforts combined with insertion of national guard support units have only strained cooperative efforts with Mexican counterparts, incensed domestic minority communities, heightened border state tensions and essentially wasted hundreds of millions in tax payer dollars.  

- While immigration remains a constitutionally federal government responsibility, failure to effectively coordinate state and federal resources with on-the-ground local law enforcement has severely snarled border security attempts to police, prosecute and deport illegal immigrants.  Congressional partisan dysfunction has forced border states to handle safety and security in their own provincial and often inefficient ways.  Massive and comprehensive re-evaluation is required throughout the entire governmental structure. 

- Propose creation of 4 regional immigration processing centers at McAllen & ElPaso TX, Tucson, AZ and Tijuana, CA to act as “Ellis Island” style focal points for handling and coordinating flow of southern border migrants.  

- Continued support of “Dreamers” legislation & executive actions to address children brought in the U.S. by illegally immigrating parents.  This support depends on verification of education requirements, English proficiency and naturalization civics accreditation

- Funding & support for extensive community outreach programs working in coordination with local minority advocacy groups aimed at appropriate societal integration and pathway to citizenship requirements such as legal background checks, fee & tax obligations and or familial re-unification

 Education Reform – tba

 Foreign Policy – tba

 Combating ISIS – tba

 Defense & National Security – tba

 Trade Policy – tba

 Job Creation – tba

 Domestic Legislative Policy Proposals

- Total overhaul of America’s antiquated, burdensome and bureaucratic progressive tax code is long overdue.  A flat tax rate of 20% for all individuals earning over $200,000 would eliminate loopholes.  

- Total overhaul of America’s antiquated, burdensome and loophole ridden corporate tax code that rewards investment and renovation here at home while punishing profit hoarding and outsourcing abroad.  This should include 3 basic tax rates for businesses with 0-50, 51-250 & 251+ employees; these rates should be 15%, 20% & 25% respectively.  These reductions from our present 39.1% would increase U.S. corporate competitiveness, encourage repatriation of funds & facilities, decrease outsourcing abroad and foster corporate/public partnerships in essential infrastructure revitalization 

- Support for the proposed infrastructure bank that unifies corporate/public investment, vital R & D to develop/maintain/revitalize America’s seriously antiquated rail, road, harbor, air and cyber infrastructure systems---this is a matter of economic & strategic security

- An incremental 4 year increase of the national minimum wage to meet present day Cost Of Living Adjustments (COLAs) that will give workers a livable wage while assisting businesses with increased overhead expenses that an immediate raise might force some businesses to go under

- Guarantee of earned paid leave that makes the U.S. worker an equal competitor to foreign workers who already have this benefit

- Support for equal pay regardless of gender for equal work with regards to comparative skill, experience & education

NOTE:  This is a draft proposal of ideas to initiate a national conversation as the 2016 Presidential Campaign unfolds.  These 
ideas are not written in stone and I certainly do not claim to have all the answers.  As time goes by, further research is gathered and emerging issues arise that the American People feel are of primary concern, this platform will adapt to address those subjects.

Tom Ufert – 2016 Presidential Candidate

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