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Tom Ufert For President Campaign Challenges Other Political Campaigns To Donate Leftover Funds To Charity
Wednesday - June 17, 2015 6:05 pm

Highly Acclaimed Author and Political Activist Tom Ufert recently openly challenged other political presidential campaigns and candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election to donate their leftover campaign funds to charity.

(Texas, United States) Author and Activist Tom Ufert, who announced his candidacy for the White House last month, recently challenged other political parties in the Presidential Election to donate their leftover campaign funds to charity. Ufert, himself disabled, has vowed to give all leftover funds from his campaign to charity.

Ufert who has been making appearances to appeal to voters stated, “If candidates are honestly committed to charity, I today challenge them to donate their leftover campaign funds to the charity of their choice. It matters not what the charity is; it just matters that the money is used for the good of the people.”

Tom Ufert is currently running as an Independent and has already said that he does not seek the office of President. “I am running to show the world that any man can be elected. I do not wish to profit. I do not wish to become President. I just want to give voters the chance to vote for a candidate who stands for decency, humanity and compassion. A candidate who can understand the frustration people feel for career politicians at the moment. Instead of wasting your vote and saying ‘None of the Above,’ I implore you to say, ‘I vote for Tom Ufert because he stands for none of the above.’”

You can learn more about Tom Ufert by contacting his press office at

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