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Through BLACK Velvet Eyes Author Jeff Crawford
Tuesday - May 19, 2015 5:15 am
Through BLACK Velvet Eyes Author Jeff Crawford
About Book

What if in an instant you lost everything you valued? What if in an instant the ability to simply see was taken from you? What if in an instant the person you needed to lean on most in the midst of all that was assaulting you was suddenly gone?

This was what Marley faced everyday for more than two years. At the end of her rope when she had all but finally tired of fighting the good fight things changed. Some for the better and some that threatened what was left of her resolve and her sanity, if not more. But the question that  had to be answered was would the small bright spots be enough and would they be in time? Visit Here on Amazon 

About Author
Jeff Crawford
is North Carolina born and raised save for a ten year stint when his family lived in Ocala, Florida where he graduated high school and cowboy'd for a living. Currently managing a sewing factory that he has been with that for twenty years.
Crawford took up writing as a lark several years ago and wrote 8 books before publishing the 1st one.  After finally determining that one was ready for the world impatience led him to selfpublish both The Betrayal and With Sympathy for Job in one year. Strong, positive reader response led him to publish Pheramane, A Gatherer and Through Black Velvet Eyes in 2014.

When asked about specific categories Crawford replied that he chooses not to stick to any one genre but there are "common threads that run through my books because I write about the things I like. I love the time period following the civil war so you will read some of that, I like horror and supernatural so there again you will get some of that as well. In all my books you will see a common sense and natural reaction to things and situations because that is what I appreciate."
Crawford's success is due in part to his natural, unaffected gift as a storyteller. Readers will find his hobbies and interests often make it into the lives of his characters. Mountain life, hunting, fishing, making music, and the occasional mention or reference to University Of Florida athletics.
Like all good storytellers Jeff Crawford enjoys hearing from readers. Social media is still uncharted territory for him, yet he welcomes the interaction as a way to both learn its mysterious ways and get to know his readers. 

Jeff will be discussing his new book with talk show host Harry Johal from Singapore via telephonic conversation in short while from Now. Stay tuned as we are going to dig authors mind deep enough to know what makes him so popular amongst his fans. 

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