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Learn magical tips to communicate more easily with Communication Expert Rickgoodfriend
Thursday - May 21, 2015 1:53 pm
Learn magical tips to communicate more easily  with Communication Expert Rickgoodfriend

CarryonHarry Studio Singapore is glad to empower its audience with communication skills that can make you achieve success in life both professionally and personally.

This week talk show host Harry Johal invited Rick Goodfriend ,Santa Barbara, Ca. , a certified corporate speaker, author and accredited teacher of innovative and effective communication skills.

Guest Expert Rickgoodfriend gave examples demostrating Skills that develop trust, cooperation and connection with anyone, instantly.How life's difficult situations can be put to rest just by twisting a few words here and there. What to ask ? How to ask ? What to avoid ?  How to listen ?  this became the subject of talks with the expert to sighted several examples to teach us right skills to imporve our commuication.

Some of the accomplished work of Rick includes

1 . I Hear You, But...

The book written with Effective Communication as the forefront to solving relationship challenges. It has 102 examples to lessen any challenge you may have. Read through the index and choose the title of the problem that you are having. Using empathy, self empathy and expressing skills learn the correct response to building trust and honesty. Written with jocularity and a zest of humor.

2: Creating Extraordinary Customer Relationships - CD

Friends and colleages are your customers. An amazing CD to teach you the magical process of Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication) as taught by Rick Goodfriend. Learn and practice the empathy, self empathy and expressing skills that will make your challenging communication much much easier. I had a student listen to this CD and she was using these effective Communication skills on me. It was the beginning of her using compassionate communication to build honesty, trust and a better connection. Useful for business or personal relationships. Excellent for SALES.

3: Manifesting Instant Calm - CD

The CD that will bring clarity and mindfulness to your meditation. Four exercises / meditatons that will quickly bring you to happiness and super charge your conciousness. I use one or two exercises that bring energy and positive life to my daily routine. Each Meditation is from 15 - 22 minutes long. Whichever you choose will be the proper answer.

To contact Guest Expert write to

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