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Disabled Political Activist and Author Tom Ufert to Announce Candidacy for Presidency
Thursday - May 21, 2015 2:51 pm
Disabled Political Activist and Author Tom Ufert to Announce Candidacy for Presidency

Highly Acclaimed Author and Political Activist Tom Ufert toAnnounce His Bid for the American Presidency in 2016

(Texas, United States) Author and Activist Tom Ufert looks set to announce his candidacy for President on Memorial Day, 2015. Ufert, a resident of Texas who was born in Louisiana, has already been crucial to past election campaigns and has written several books that center on his experiences and thoughts of the political system.

With the upcoming election already headline news, Ufert, who suffers from MS, has also hinted that he will not accept the job of president even if winning the vote. It has also been hinted that his campaign will be a vessel for others to “vote none of the above” in protest.

Ufert, who will kick off his campaign on Memorial Day, has also promised that all unused donations will be donated to charities after his campaign. When asked about his upcoming declaration, Ufert said, “I want to give people the opportunity to vote for

something different and not just waste their vote on the candidate who doesn’t fit but seems to be the best choice.” He also stated that “my bid for election will not result in my presidency. It will cause a shockwave that will show those who seek to distort thepresidency that the everyday vote still counts.”

You can learn more about Tom Ufert by contacting his press office at

Some time back Tom Ufert was on CarryonHarry Talk show to discuss his book Political Craps , talk show can be heard at following link

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