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Pet psychic Jackie Weaver makes appearance on Singapore Talk Show CarryonHarry
Friday - May 22, 2015 2:35 pm
Pet psychic Jackie Weaver makes appearance on Singapore Talk Show CarryonHarry
Jackie Weaver’s whole life has revolved around animals. At a very young age she told her father that their dog was being aggressive because he was scared. At the time, she had no idea how she knew that. Nowadays, she views it as a gift.A gift that is a blessing for hundreds of pets she has attended to. Why ? because Pet psychic Jackie Weaver has a unique gift to communicate to these pets.

Weaver appears regularly on TV in Britain, has written several books on animal communication.She has demonstrated her skills and stunned media personalities and audience through live recorded shows where animals have shown signs of response that looks very similar to human talking to human.

According to Weaver, animals seek love, loyalty, happiness and fulfilment — just as humans do, and she encourages animal owners to hone their skills of communication with their pets. She conducts workshops on animal communication. Now Jackie Weaver is making an appearance on Singapore Talk Show CarryonHarry with talk show host Harry Johal to talk about this unique gift. Jackie also confided her secret wish to host her own TV Show one day.

Talk Show will be featured this weekend on official website of carryonHarry and other media platforms.

Stay tuned.
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