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Charles Tabb won successive Golden Nib awards for fiction...
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Charles Tabb won successive Golden Nib awards for fiction...

Charles Tabb retired from teaching to pursue his dream of writing. His family supported his decision, and a year later he published his first novel, Floating Twigs, while also publishing several short stories with various literary journals. He has won successive Golden Nib awards for fiction. In 2018 his story "As Luck Would Have It" won third prize, and in 2019 the psychological thriller "The Thirteenth Painting" won first prize. Now his fan base is growing, with readers from all over the U.S.

Here is an excerpt with the author. Full Interview Available with a link below or >Click > >  CliCK Here 
Where does book aim at ? And How does journey follows from Chapter 1 to End Of it ?
Each of my books attempts to say something about our shared existence in the world. In Floating Twigs, a man who helps out the protagonist is accused of a crime he didn't commit. The trial dominates the last third of the book. I've been told by readers in the legal profession that I handled that very well, making it realistic as to what goes on in a trial in the United States. Realism in a mainstream fiction book is extremely important, or you will lose readers.

Read Full Set of interview done with -->  Author Charles Tabb Here 
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