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Jessy Yasmeen "Forbidden Fruits is based on Adam and Eve from the Bible
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Jessy Yasmeen
With both Dutch and South American roots, Jessy Yasmeen brings the best of both worlds. Her dreamy indie folkpop is inspired by acts such as Ben Howard, Bon Iver and Matt Corby. With her songs she wants to challenge listeners to be vulnerable and to help conquer personal battles like fear and desire.

After her EP 'Isolation Tapes' we're now going back to her 'other' project with new single Forbidden Fruits.

Jessy: "Forbidden Fruits is based on Adam and Eve from the Bible. I think it's cool to refer to fairy tales, myths and old stories in my songs. You have a desire for more and are jealous of those who seem to (already) have it all. You become disturbed / distracted and do not see what you have, or maybe you have not yet found self-love and you look for it in the confirmation of others. You seek to fill this void and Forbidden Fruits stands for 'drugs' (can literally be drugs but love, attention, etc. can also be drugs) with which you try to fill this void, but actually you are destroying more."

With folky drums and Jessy's impressible guitar and fine voice, folkpop tune Forbidden Fruits delivers that message spot-on. Her next EP will be released end of November.

Over the past three years, Jessy Yasmeen played more than 80 shows on stages in The Netherlands and Germany. Last year her debut EP saw the light of day, she won a big Dutch music award, 'Grote Prijs van Rotterdam' (category: singer-songwriter), and earned nominations for the Rotterdam Music Awards (categories: ‘the promise’ and ‘best track’). Despite all ongoing restrictions these days she is dedicated to perform at local live shows as much as possible!

LeFutureWave: "Yasmeen creates her own musical world. She makes real art."

Forbidden Fruits is out now on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)

composer: Jessy Yasmeen  |  ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00076

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