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Killers In A Ghost Town,’ is a black-hearted love song from The Magnettes debut album "Ugly Youth"
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Killers In A Ghost Town,’ is a black-hearted love song from The Magnettes debut album

“…pop sensations… fast paced electro pop owes as much to Abba and Roxette as it does leftfield artists Ladytron or Surferosa.” DROWNED IN SOUND

‘…Killers In A Ghost Town,’ is a black-hearted love song and call to arms for every bored teenage girl who’s outgrown her small town’s offerings.” THE 405

The pop trio come from Pajala, a sleepy town home to just 2000 residents ten hours from the hit-making hub of Stockholm that's above the Arctic Circle and where the
sun doesn’t rise during winter. This remote region has a minority language called Meänkieli, a language that was forbidden in Sweden until 1957 and today only spoken by around 50,000 people.

They’ve released seven critically acclaimed singles - ‘Bones’,‘Killers in a Ghost Town’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘Sad Girls Club’, 'ANX' and 'Kim n Kanye' which received support from Spotify and key bloggers including Perez Hilton as well as their debut album ‘Ugly Youth’. Their single ‘Young and Wild’ was the 10th most played song on Swedish radio.

They were the main subjects of Hans-Erik Therus’s documentary ”Pajala State Of Mind”, which featured in the Gothenburg Film Festival, the Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm and on Swedish national television. The director was so fascinated by the band that he’s embarked on a fly on the wall sequel with the band, documenting where they were at three years later. Sanna also had the main role in the TV series "Bastubaletten" last Spring.

2018 saw The Magnettes perform headline shows worldwide across Europe, North-America and Asia and they also opened up for Ke$ha. They also played on the equivalent to the Grammy award in Asia, Golden Melody Awards and walked on the red carpet in front of 5,1 billion viewers.

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