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The nu-disco single by Gionathan & GroovHertz
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Friday - October 23, 2020 8:51 am Views 453      453     
The nu-disco single by Gionathan & GroovHertz
I feel the groove is the first single released in English language by Gionathan.

A nu-disco song with a radio hit appeal, produced by GroovHertz, side project of the same singer-songwriter in partnership with the tech-house producer Rocco Kredo.

The piece has a strong funk signature, in perfect balance between contemporary sound and 70/80 influences. Supported by a powerful drum beat and a solid bass line, the groove of this song is able to heat up any dancehall, while the guitar riffs, as well as the wind instruments, give an extremely fresh character to the whole song.

Produced during the lockdown period, I feel the groove is the song of those who seek hope, that hope that in the lyrics “can be born at any moment and it’s like a fire that burns all around” and finds it in love, that shakes you, puts a smile on your face and makes you move, because it beats to the rhythm of a groove in 4 quarters.

A mix of energy and good vibrations necessary as water in the desert at a historical moment like the one the whole world is experiencing right now
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