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Whispers of the Himalaya with Ajayan Borys
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Sunday - January 7, 2018 9:02 pm Views 3681      3681     
Whispers of the Himalaya with Ajayan Borys
Studio Carry On Harry , Singapore brings on its show guest Ajayan Borys, author of Whispers of the Himalaya, to share exciting true story of Ajayan's journey to the source of the Ganga high in the Himalayas where he meditated in a cave for 2 months, in silence. But this was no ordinary retreat. Through unexpected friendships with holy men, encounters with madmen and the Indian army, surviving harsh mountain conditions (including scorpions and mind-numbing cold), he was opened to the depths of the human Spirit—and to universal insights, the “whispers” of the Himalayas.

Ajayan has instructed and guided thousands of meditation students in North America, Australia, Europe, and India over the past 45 years. He is founder of Effortless Mind® meditation and author of several books, including Whispers of the Himalaya (Purna Press, 2017) and Effortless Mind: Meditate with Ease (New World Library, 2013). Host of Mind Matters Radio on Alternative Talk Radio, he teaches meditation workshops and retreats on meditation in the Pacific Northwest and the Himalayas. He lives in the Seattle area. Find out more at

Stay in tuned with talks with Ajayan story and his life teaching experiences that he spilled out in interaction with Studio Carry On Harry Host Harry Johal. Talk Show Episodes for 2018 now Available at following link Play Now
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