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DANIEL THE HEALER : A Healer Who Heals with Love
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Monday - September 25, 2017 7:49 pm Views 4942      4942     
DANIEL THE HEALER : A Healer Who Heals with Love
Studio Carry On Harry :  Studio Guest Daniel joined us all the way from LA to tell amazing things about Quantum Healing and Holistic Living. In a Q & A Session with show host Harry Johal many new things were talked and discussed for show listeners which otherwise would have just been heard from some source but not from an expert and spiritual person like Daniel.

About Daniel

DANIEL THE HEALER is an Energy Healing Practitioner, Body Whisperer, Psychic Energy “Chiropractor,” and Spiritual Counselor who heals with Love.

For decades Daniel has studied, experienced, and mastered the art of Quantum Healing, and shared it with clients. He has sought education and guidance from the world’s greatest leaders in healing and spirituality. He has distilled this, developed tools of his own, and offers you his amazing gift of “Healing with Love.”

It all started when he experienced hypnosis to enhance learning and comprehension, and then passed his private pilot’s exam with a 97!  He was so impressed he immediately became a certified hypnotist. He soon got the opportunity to use his new skills on his wife who had various health issues. The successes intrigued him and he began learning more and more.

Along the way, he studied and became certified in Hypnosis, the MariEl Healing Method, Radionics, Magnified Healing, and the Circles of Life System. He has studied with Lazaris (, trained in Dimensional Mastery with Starr Fuentes (, learned with Kam Yuen (Yuen Energetics,) Gary Douglas (Access Consciousness,) the Russian medical intuitive Dr. Gregory Antyuhin, and the famous healer/dowser Harold McCoy.

Healing by Gaze

But his ultimate healing capacity only came together when he trained in Quantum-Touch (  That is where he learned to heal with his gaze. This means that Daniel can work with people, no matter where they are in the world as long as they can make a video connection with him!

Distance is no limitation to healing. Results can be astounding and it eliminates the need for anyone to travel to see him. Wherever Daniel gazes, healing happens.  Bones and skeletal structure align. Pains lessen or vanish. Weak areas become stronger.  Illnesses improve or clear. Persistent and otherwise unresponsive conditions lighten.  Energy bodies (auric fields) line up for increased vitality and optimal functioning.

And what’s even more amazing, he also can transmit healing by gazing via a recorded video!  Anyone anywhere can sit at home, watch a video of Daniel gazing, and experience healing.

Besides being a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, Daniel has also mastered Psychic Surgery and Medical Intuition and integrated that into his practice. He helps you with healing old pain, trauma and hurt and letting you find peace, forgiveness and happiness in your life.

For healing to work well, you need a healer with many different modalities and who knows his way around in your psyche.  Daniel provides both. He uses his expansive skills to produce transformation in both body and soul.

Clients find his results sometimes beyond belief, which is why he has become one of the top Psychic Surgeons on the West Coast. Love is the highest and truest healing, and can also be the fastest and most miraculous. Daniel has learned how to channel this Love to you.

The Life Essence Reading

          When you choose to work with Daniel, most often the experience of healing starts with the amazing “Life Essence Reading.” This is something he developed himself.  In it, Daniel scans you for over 55 criteria in your energy field and then will report back to you. You may have a persistent and otherwise unresponsive condition that comes from dark sources, such as spells, curses, heavy burdens, armoring/blocking, and psychic attack.

Daniel will identify what you have and take you on an elegant journey of healing it. Let him focus on your issue so that it changes in the quickest, easiest way. Give yourself permission to be loved and healed! Allow yourself to experience wonderful healing changes, as many of his clients have attested to over the past 40 years! Daniel is excited to work with and love you. See what he can do for you.

Expect significant healing of all your issues with top Spiritual Energy Healer and Psychic Surgeon Daniel the Healer!

Official Website

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