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Multi-faceted Brisbane artist, Monet, returns dropping his second single titled “Nobody’s Wrong” – a simple ballad that encapsulates raw emotion and a perfect showcase of Monet’s vocal ability.

Having first been introduced to audiences with his debut single release titled ‘You’ in May 2016, Monet has been busy readying a series of new single releases due to drop this year, the first being “Nobody’s Wrong” which is released on Valentine’s Day (February 14). 

“Nobody’s Wrong” is a track best described by Monet himself: 

"There are usually 4 types of relationships: co-dependent, counter dependent, independent, and interdependent. We all enjoy the feeling of first falling in love with someone and we wish to stay close forever, however, as relationships develop, we often need space and distance every now and again for our own health, and sometimes we try to escape for a little. We make up lies and excuses to each other to avoid conversations, or we make rules trying to control one another. Sadly, quite a few lovers don’t survive this period, usually the co-dependent and counter dependent. Many relationships die before they could tie the knot. This song is inspired by this situation that most of us have had before, that “bittersweet” time, sometimes we get hurt, and those memories, good or bad, haunt us forever. If we could believe in each other, believe in love; be more honest and brave to each other, we could be happy together. This song is written for those who have had a broken heart, and also for those who are going through the “We don't talk any more, but we still care about each other” phase." 

The Brisbane artist, originally hailing from the Chinese town of Wujin which has a rich history that often influences his music, has a fierce and loyal Facebook following of over 14,000. His history in music is short but his passion has been there since the age of five having been introduced to music by performing in his local theatre. 

Monet is a man of many talents. He is a Musician, a Director and a Model. Having self-directed the lyric video for “Nobody’s Wrong” (which can be viewed here), Monet has managed to combine his love of music and directing. 

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