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Editors Choice
CarryOnHarry Editors Choice

What is home staging? - Expert Guest Margaret Schaffer
Sunday - June 14, 2015 7:27 pm
When Barry and Randee Feldman weren’t able to sell their downtown Boca Raton condominium after having it listed for 9 months and increasingly frustrated by the lack of motivation and professionalism from their “corporate” real estate agent they decided to try a more unconventional route and called
Margaret Schaffer a unique real estate professional, who as it turned out offered them much more than just a listing in the MLS.

Schaffer, who has a home staging company called re | style home and a team member of the DeBianchi Real Estate Group (Broker Samantha “Sam” DeBianchi was featured on Bravo’s TV’s Million Dollar Listing Miami) was brutally honest with the Feldmans and explained to them that “while their home was perfectly lovely to live in, in order for them to make it marketable and at the same time appealing to potential buyers, they needed to depersonalize and stage the condo in order to help buyers connect with the unit.”

Resistant at first, the Feldmans decided to take a chance with Schaffer and wholeheartedly embraced her staging/listing program which included painting the bedroom walls to give the rooms a more “spa like” feel, decluttering the condo by putting away all personal pictures and items and even putting unnecessary furniture in storage. When the condo was done with it’s makeover, Schaffer and her team came in and to stage the condo with new pictures for the walls, pillows for the couches, vases, new bedding in the master bedroom and even plants. According to the Feldmans “When Margaret was finished staging our condo it looked beautiful, we understood exactly what she was trying to achieve and felt confident she would meet our goals.”

The results were stunning.
With a solid marketing plan in place including email blasts, social marketing, advertising to international buyers and networking with local real estate professionals, Schaffer was able sell the condo in exactly 2 weeks as well as get the owners very close to their listing price.

According to Schaffer “Everyone that walked thru the door, loved the condo and thought that it showed beautifully, they could see the value between this unit and others that were being offered in the building, just the simple act of staging the unit, with the eye of someone that is not personally connected with the home makes a world of difference.”

I got my start in high-end residential real estate working with Samantha DeBianchi (as seen on Million Dollar Listing: Miami on Bravo) where I worked as part of her core team, handling clients, managing transactions and  heading up her team as Director of Operations. While my license does remain active, my primary focus is assisting homeowners and Realtors to add to their bottom line through the use of staging.


I founded ReStyle Home when I saw first- hand, as a real estate agent the astounding difference in both time on market and final sale price that a staged home enjoys versus a home that has not been staged.


ReStyle Home is an evolution of what began in real estate, placing me in a role to look at a property with the eyes of an agent, buyer and seller. I've worked in all those roles and understand what it takes to get a property sold. From advising on layout to fixtures to painting,  de-cluttering and yes, even down to throw pillows - we take an an approach to staging that's both an art and a science.  

If you are interested in selling your home or have had no luck selling your home and would like to learn more about Margaret Schaffer and re | style home visit her website at www.restylehomestaging.com 

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