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  1. Singer Maria Cozette On Air
  2. Singer Lachi On Air
  3. Jiggley Jones New Album Talks On Air
  4. Ed Roman Singer/ Music Composer On Air
  5. Amy Rose Country Crazy Single Release On Air
  6. Children Of Internment Director Joe Crump On Air
  7. Kira Christianity Singer On Air
  8. Band Reverse Order WithCruise On Air
  9. Band Reverse Order With John On Air
  10. 13 Hands On Air
  11. Troy Payne int.best selling author/musician
  12. Dough Briney Once Again On Air
  13. Sparkle Josh On Air
  14. Canadian Country Music Artist Marshall Dane On Air
  15. Jeremy Lin Musical Team Talks On Air
  16. Western Avenue Band Nikki English On Air
  17. Kim Cameron BillBoard Artist On Air
  18. Rough Times in America Alvin Harrison On Air
  19. Karyn White Grammy Nominee On Air
  20. Jason Miles 4 Times Grammy Nominee On Air
  21. Syzygy progressive rock band On Air
  22. Aj Jansen Country Music Artist On Air
  23. Jason Wells Musician with a Difference
  24. Edge Of Paradise Band On Air
  25. Musician Richard Dance The Craw Daddy
  26. Miracle Pianist Quinson Thomas on his Spiritual Experience
  27. Singer Mirva on her Musical Journey
  28. Singer/Director/Writer Chanel Samson on Dried Fruit
  29. Actress /Model Abigail Rich shares her story
  30. Escape Artist Curtis Lovell
  31. Gold Talks About New Single
  32. Napone Talks on Album Gypsy Rose
  33. Colt Chambers, CEO/President IMEA Awards
  34. Jackie Madden Billboard Artist
  35. Jillian O speaks about Lighter
  36. Jody White Sides on Pledge Project
  37. T Ran on Album Heart & Soul
  38. Eric Freeland M.C.G.W Money, Cars, Gold, Women
  40. Skye Delamey On Her New Album
  41. Rockstar Joe Matera From Australia
  42. Rich Mahan in Talks
  43. Amy Rose from Canada in Talks
  44. Katelyn McCarter Rising Star from Virginia
  45. Josey Milner Band
  46. Sunshine And Bullets Band
  47. Emilio Basa from Detroit
  48. Jiggley Jones speaks on No Spring Chicken
  49. Jody Whitesides from New York
  50. Linda Noyles From Florida
  51. Doug Briney : The Alaskan Cowboy on The Show
  52. Como Brothers Band From NY
  53. Jeniffer Lang 3 o' Clock Saturday
  54. D Lannie Brown In Talks

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