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Phil DeLuca wants you to stop talking in order to communicate better and heal their relationship
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Monday - July 17, 2017 4:54 pm Views 3124      3124     
Phil DeLuca wants you to stop talking in order to communicate better and heal their relationship
Studio Carry On Harry Talk Show invited therapist Philip J. DeLuca, and along with him bring  over his 30 years of clinical experience in the mental health field on its talk show.

Phil’s past experience includes providing therapy and counseling in day treatment, outpatient and private practice settings, as well as a working as the Clinical Director in Juvenile Court and the Clinical Director and CEO for Family Services, Inc. in Gastonia for many years. Further, Phil has experience as a NC custody mediator. Phil is also the published author of the book The Solo Partner: Repairing Your Relationship On Your Own which was published by Hartley & Marks in 1996.  After his book attracted national prominence, Phil traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe training other professionals in his highly effective developed approach to helping individuals and couples deal with conflict, emotional reactivity and other relationship issues.

Phil is not only an expert in working with couples; he also works with children, teens, parents, adults and elder clients providing solution focused treatment utilizing various treatment modalities to help clients meet their goals and objectives to help them obtain happier, healthier and more content lives.  Phil also takes a holistic approach to treatment as needed integrating the person’s mind, body and spiritual beliefs to enhance their overall wellbeing.  Beyond his expertise in relationship counseling, with his vast experience in various settings he helps clients deal with a myriad of issues but not limited to depression, anxiety, stress, grief, chronic medical issues, life transitions, wellness and nutrition, and career/professional issues.

Phil is a highly compassionate therapist who brings an instant sense of calm, peace and comfort to his clients and is truly passionate about his work with his clients and always goes above and beyond for each client assuring them that each is a unique and important person and always “goes the extra mile” inside and outside of the office.  Phil applies many of his therapeutic approaches to his own life by growing all his own organic food year round and diligently keeping up with the latest research on health issues, nutrition, fitness and other ways we can all find ways to positively affect our minds, bodies and lives.

Phil is a provider on almost all major insurance panels and also accepts self-pay and sliding scale fees.  He has office hours days, nights and weekends to help meet the needs of his client’s schedules and to make therapy more available to them.

For further information and reviews on Phil’s book visit

His theraphy is based on UnTalks.

Why UnTalk TM ?
If you’ve tried traditional relationship therapy you probably remember being asked to sit on a pricey, comfortable couch and follow your impulse to “talk out” all that anger, frustration and irritation with your partner, spouse, child or parent.
Phil DeLuca wants you to stop talking in order to communicate better and heal their relationship(s).
That advice may sound counterintuitive, but it’s coming from a man who has saved thousands of relationships from what he calls the “Dead Zone,” that post-prickly, numbed-out point in a relationship when you simply stop caring about your loved one.  Many people are pushed there in part by stale, unscientific “express yourself” communication approaches.  So 1970s.  As a young counsellor Phil studied and employed traditional talk therapy in his own relationships, until … he became his own guinea pig.  
Enter science.
After filling his wall with degrees that espoused traditional “talk it all out” therapy Phil started to rebel, and gradually developed the revolutionary love science – a holistic body/brain chemistry-based communication model which he employs during his Untalk therapy.  With Phil, expect the unexpected – both in your session and in your results.
Climbing out of  “The Dead Zone” together
The relationship Dead Zone is a dangerous place.  It needs to be navigated wisely and gingerly. Before you decide on a therapist who’ll escort you and your loved one out of your Dead Zone Phil wants you to know that 3 out of 4 marriages end after traditional talk therapy.
That’s because expressing yourself while in the wrong state of mind can actually cause you to slide deeper into the Dead Zone.  But if you understand the workings of your body and brain chemistry before you begin the climb, your chances of escaping the Dead Zone improve exponentially.
Love ScienceTM:  not a class you want to ditch
If you want to build a house that will withstand a tornado you need quality tools and a solid construction plan.
Love Science TM is your toolbox; UnTherapy TM the construction plan for building a robust, resilient relationship that can withstand emotional climate change.
He won’t make you take notes, but expect Phil to teach you:
·        How to identify the body and brain changes that incite your angry blow ups and how to immediately end those blowups
·        How to stop your partner from provoking  arguments
·        When avoiding conflict and not communicating heals a relationship
·        How and why conventional communication approaches increase conflict
·        How your health is directly related to the health of your relationship, and how to improve both.
Is it safe to trust a rebel?
Phil has been his own guinea pig.  It’s only after employing UnTherapyTM tactics to save his own relationships from The Dead Zone (and improve his health), that he began to apply it to the thousands of clients who describe their success on his testimonial pages.


Talks with Phil will be on Air this Week on Carry On Harry Talk Show Platform. Stay Tuned.
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