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Candid Talks With Bollywood Filmmaker Vivek Sharma Post Release of A Game Called Relationship
By Filmzone
Tuesday - May 5, 2020 10:14 pm     Views:4922     A+ | a-
Creation Is My Passion
Creation Is My Passion
Vivek Sharma original creator of Amitabh Bachchan movie Franchise " BhootNath " has been one lucky producer Director to have been able to successfully release his film "A Game Called Relationship" , all over india just before the lock down. Studio CarryOnHarry and BalleBalleRadio caught up a candid online meeting in between the Covid 19 lockdown. Here is what Director of film A Game Called Relationship wrote to us from Mumbai City.
What Makes You get into this Profession ?
Its the urge to narrate beautiful human stories and their emotions. Films leave long lasting impressions and i am using it to make apositive change in people's life. I always wished to be a filmmaker and what a coincidence that todays it's Director's Day.
How has been Experince from your Recent Release ?
It's amazing. Not only i have established my banner Filmzone Creations LLP but also became distributor with the release of A Game Called Relationship.
Toughest part to deal in your Industry ? How do you deal with this ?
Nepotism and Star system has pushed the craft behind. It's disheartening and a constant fight to make films for A STAR or their kids. Story telling or innovation has taken a back seat. It's like making a showreel rather than a film. I do not compromise and wait for theright time toconvert my scripts on the big creen. Change will happen for sure.
Any Most Recent Experince that has enriched your outlook towards life ?
I feel very nice when my creative work and positivity makes people positive and fill them with hope. I feel happy that people expect good films from me. I am so loaded with good scripts and waiting to start them one by one.
Any Constructive Idea that you have started practising in recent times ?
I have gone back to my spiritualism by doing chants everyday. Connecting with the positive energy of the Universe.
What are your future project(s)?
I am going to start 3 films soon. Ka Kha Ga Gha Nanga, Ram Singh Philip and Langda. Apart from these there are some big films waiting to roll like BuddhamSharanam Gachchami, Bhulakkad Bhooth and Daaman.