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Setting Sail with Moseying Mariners ,one member band from Waxhaw, North Carolina
By Christian Tobon
Monday - December 14, 2020 8:01 pm     Views:441     A+ | a-
Christian Tobon (Moseying Mariners)
Christian Tobon (Moseying Mariners)
Moseying Mariners is a one member band from Waxhaw, North Carolina and was founded in 2019 by guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and drummer Christian Tobon. Christian composes, arranges, records, mixes and masters all of the music. The main genres Christian composes in are easy-listening and instrumental rock.

Drifting Away makes the perfect background music and is great to lift peoples' spirits. The album is instrumental rock and easy listening, and would lighten the mood when on a long road trip. Drifting Away is upbeat, uplifting, and bright, and it was recorded with real instruments.
Tell us about yourself. Who you are and What do you want to achieve in your field and life ?
I'm Christian Tobon, originally from New Jersey, and started Moseying Mariners in 2019 with only myself playing the guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ, etc. Around the same time I started to work on my first album, I founded a record label and music publishing company. I never want to stop releasing music, whether it's under my artist name Moseying Mariners, or production music for music libraries. I have plans to expand my record label and publishing company and would eventually like to take on more artists. I'm currently majoring in Information Technology with a minor in music, and will graduate in May 2021 and hope to pursue a Master's degree and eventually a Doctorate degree. Before graduating, I would like to have a full-time career in music publishing. My main goal in life is to become successful as much as I could, in addition to helping others succeed.
Your musical influences and what in particular makes you to learn from them ?
My musical influences are The Beach Boys, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimmy Buffet, The Beatles, The Trashmen, and Dire Straits, and instrumental music in general from various bands. Jimmy Buffet and the Beach Boys influence my overall sound, although I have my unique style. Creedence Clearwater Revival influences the way I arrange my music, for example, the type of instruments on a track and the way instruments are panned. I really like Tony Andreason's lead guitar playing from the Trashmen along with Mark Knoplfer from the Dire Straits, and John Fogerty from CCR, and are all influences on my guitar playing.
Can you describe your typical workflow when you’re working on your art?
The first thing I would do is think of an overall theme and style of the album. For example, my first album "Setting Sail" was easy-listening and was nautical theme and "Drifting Away" was more rock. I would then record the chord progression of 12 tracks to a certain tempo with the guitar to get the foundation of the instrumental. I would record the drums next while listening to the guitar. After the drums, I would record the bass. When the bass of each instrumental is finished, I would delete the original guitar track and redo the rhythm guitar since the original guitar was just a rough demo. I would then record the melody whether it's the lead guitar or keyboard, and then any percussion or additional instruments. Mixing and mastering, exporting and naming the tracks, and uploading them to the distributor are the final steps.
What skills have you learned that will help you in your career ?
Creativity is probably the most useful skill I've developed, but the publishing side of music is definitely where I've learned new skills for my career. Specific skills I've learned are definitely royalty administration, music rights organization track registration, copyright registration, licensing, and written communication. The business side of music if often overlooked by independent musicians, and my skills in the music business have definitely been developed through my music.
How do you get people to take you seriously as a musician ?
I try my best to present myself as someone who has a very strong passion for music and that it is a very important aspect in my life. I let people know that music takes a lot of effort and responsibility, and isn't something that you do for a short time and then give up if you aren't serious about it.
Tell us about your new release ?
Drifting Away is my second album and makes the perfect background music and is great to lift peoples' spirits. The album is instrumental rock and easy listening, and would lighten the mood when on a long road trip. Drifting Away is upbeat, uplifting, and bright, and it was recorded with real instruments.
Was anyone else involved in writing, recording or producing the songs ?
No one else was involved! I did all the composing, arranging, recording each instrument, mixing, and mastering.
What has been most challenging aspect of your current releases?
The most challenging aspect would definitely have to be naming each track. It is surprisingly hard to come up with track title to match the feel and visualization of the sound. Also, there is only one chance to come up with a good title, so the final result should be great as the title is the first impression the listener gets before actually hearing the track.
The thought behind the title. What makes it meaningful ?
My first album was called "Setting Sail" and I though the title "Drifting Away" would be great to succeed my first album. The overall style and mood of the album is upbeat and uplifting, and after first listening to the album in full, I could just image myself or someone on a boat drifting on the calm ocean about 6pm on a Summer day. After setting sail at the dock, all that's left to do is relax and have fun when drifting away.
What do you think is unique about this project ?
The Drifting Away album has both easy-listening and rock instrumentals that go very well together on the one album, even though the two genres are aren't commonly seen together. Another thing that is unique about the album is the lead guitar playing and how all of the instruments complement each other. Although I have many musical influences, I haven't really heard music in my style which is why I think it's unique.
Was there a specific moment in your life when you thought, “Music is what I want to do”?
From a very young age, I've always had a passion for music. It wasn't until recently that I thought "Music is what I want to do." In June 2019, I watched a video on YouTube that talked about how musicians can get their music on TV. At this point, I knew I wanted to do more with music and finally researched more into how to distribute music to iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. I started my first album at the end of July 2019 and released it in September. I also looked into jobs in the music publishing field and I knew then I wanted to have a job in music publishing whether it's for a music rights organization, record label, publishing administration, or music library. If it wasn't for that video, I probably would not have researched more into how to distribute music and would not have found out about the many jobs in the music business side of music.
As Studio Guest anything that comes to your mind and you want to convey to the readers ?
Have one main hobby that you really enjoy and can't imagine living without. If you originally wanted to be an accountant, your hobby could lead you to another career. For me, I originally wanted to have a career in Information Technology but my passion and hobby of music lead me to research more into music, and I discovered music publishing and jobs in the field. Now, I am applying to jobs like Royalty Administrator, Licensing Administrator, Music Rights Manager, Music Analyst, Copyright Specialist, etc.