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Alexander Broussard Out Of The Blue
By Alexander Broussard
Sunday - November 29, 2020 6:38 pm     Views:304     A+ | a-
Alexander Broussard
Alexander Broussard
“Out Of The Blue” is a reworking of an Italian track that I wrote in the 1990s, it was as if the number had been crying out for more appropriate lyrics all those years. More suited to the energy that was released with each change of key.
Tell us about yourself ? Where you come from , your background ?
I was born in Zambia from an Italian father and a Dutch mother. My father and his father and mother were professional musicians: I was brought up with classical music until I left home at the age of 16. I then went on the road to play popular music (and have been doing so until this day). On one hand I play(ed) covers at parties, festivals, big shows, small shows, Arenas and clubs and on the other hand I learned to work the studio with my own material. I wrote for other artists and occasionally I produced an album of my own. Like I did now, since loads of gigs were cancelled this year and I found myself with time to write and record.
How long have you been in the music industry and has music always been a part of your life?
I can't remember when it wasn't a part of my life. I got my first piano lessons from my father and grandfather who both were excellent professional musicians. I started doing paid gigs 35 years ago... So I guess that is the answer to the first part of your wuestion :-)
What inspires you (or your music)?
Soooo many other musicians. Famous ones of course (everyone has got their heroes, I've got an army of them), but also friends and colleagues who, like me, just make music for the sake of making it (because there is no real money to be made, you need to accept that as an indipendent recording artist). Doing live gigs pays off and recording is one of the thousand ways to get on that stage. But to just start writing and recording, without a clue or care what is going to happen commercially... that's as inspirational as geniusses as work.
Do you believe passion is an essential part of success ? What are you passionate about ?
No doubt. I think it is more of a combination of things I really am pasionate about, rather than one particular aspect. I love communicating, it is of absolute essence to me, so there's a passion that is fundamental for me as a musician. On the other hand, I love craftmanship. Of any kind really but obviously mine is making music. I love to get into details and work (musical or lyrical) problems out: it's kinda like math... For this particular album I really wanted to send positive vibes into the world or at least consolation...
What is your work Process around your art ? A typical way you prefer working ?
Basically I am a musician. I write melodies, hormonies, grooves... you know, musical ideas. I arrange them in my head and then some kind of atmosphere shows itself to me )all in my head still'. That´s when I think I see a topic for lyrics. They always come last. For this particular album I had my wife Alexandra write lyrics for two songs. I then make a demo with a drummachine and play all the parts roughly with my keyboards. I send the demo to the rythm section and tell them explicitely to not copy my demo, but to take it as a suggestion and make their own parts. Together with the main melody and very basic piano chords, I send the rythm section to the guitar player and tell him he´s absolutely free in arranging the stuff as he sees fit. Sometimes I send it back with a few remarks, but mostly not. Then I sing and play the keys. And only then I let the backing vocalist do her thing. I prefer not to mix my own stuff and so this time I asked Sjors Dahmen to mix it. Then off to the master in Sweden Thomas Plec Johansson and the product is finished. 5 mothns work...Haha
Tell us about your new release ?
Well a few aspects I already told you about in my previous answers. I suddenly had time on my hand to work on my own songs (as opposed to a heavy touring schedule I lived through for the past 35 years). I saw many people with many problems because of the new rules and wanted to bring some positive energy and consolation. At the same time I saw a chance to work with a group of musicians that had been on my bucket list for a long time and we simply never got around working together in the studio... until now. People like drummer Mick Gravéé or singer Lana Wolf or guitar player Bas Bruinsma.
What's new in the recording of your music ?
This is the first time I did a studio album on which 80% of the backing vocals was sung by a lady (Lana Wolf) and maybe more importantly: I arranged less and gave more freedom to the musicians as a producer.
What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?
No rehearsals at all. We did an album presentation two weeks ago. We played the tracks during the soundcheck and that was it. Phenomenal musicians... :-)
Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?
There is virtually no kind of venue I didn´t play in my life... These past three years I did a theatre show called "The Billy Joel Experience" (obviously packed with music by Billy Joel) and those shows were all in theatres and clubs. I did a lot of piano bar work in my carreer and to be honest, I start to prefer the theatre setting as oppose to the party-till-you-drop-setting. But that´s probably because I did the the latter thousands of times...
Themeatically what is the journey of newly released music. Share your analysis about the final product ?
Allthough I usually do tend to get dramatic or even angry, I decided at forehand that, seen as we're all living in quite difficult times, this album should be a collection of songs with either a positive or serene vibe. I succeeded with all but one track, but the single "Out Of The Blue" defenitely does the trick!
What's your outlook on the record industry today?
That´s a difficult one. It´s work in progress. The truth is, things changed on so many levels... I´ve heard many complaints about streaming services. No money to be made etfc. But that´s just one side of the coin. The other side is that we´ve managed, thanks to internet and streaming services, to break down the monopoly the record companies used to have. Back in the day, you couldn´t release music without a record deal. Studio´s then cost per day whatbuying a home studio would cost now... So we don´t actually need record companies anymore to produce great music. That means there are many more independent arrtist who have the chance not only to produce hig quality music at low costs, but they get the chance to display their work to the world. So now the record companies provide services on a whole other level.

Marketing wise they are experts, and marketing is now what really costs money. So a record company can do a lot of good, but if you work hard or want to try another channel, it is possible now. This results in a sea of creativity. The core business, except for the ones who really make it big, but that´s a handful, is and will remain playing live and have your fans pay for tickets... Remember that in the pre~internet time, onloy the big artists got rich by selling albums. The rest of us had to tour. Club tours or supporting a major artist. The difference being that now you can handle all that by yourself. It would be good if the next step would be some kind of renumeration, finally, for the work done in the studio. But having to play your guts out on stage to earn a living isn´t such a bad thing, is it=
Where can readers and guests of CarryOnHarry Talk Show contact you ? or or
Any message for readers of this Interview ?
These are difficult times. We need to stand together to get through it. Music is a fantastic way of getting closer to one another. Listen to it. Stream it. Make sure your local artists get heard and play it to your friends. Whichever aretist you like, whichever music. As l,ong as you all keep on listening and sharing it. And don't forget to explore new music and musicians... there's an incredible amount of unbelievable talent out there that is just waiting for you to discover it...