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Talks with Shane Smith of The Perms Band release of "Give me a call"
By Shane Smith
Friday - November 20, 2020 6:02 am     Views:28     A+ | a-
Perms group shot
Perms group shot
Featuring here band The Perms who claim "Their writing and musicianship is rooted in their ability to collaborate and work off each other to create music that showcases their shared love of music."

Here the musician group of The Perms share behind stories of passionate work life with the editor at Studio Carry On Harry. Shane Smith expressed in this email based interview about making of Give Me A Call, the new release. He also reveiled the over all work flow , life experinces over the year to make the band known and loved by fans.
Tell us about yourself ? Where you come from , your background ?
Name is Shane Smith. I'm from Winnipeg, MB Canada. I started the Perms in 1998 with my brother Chad when we were both kids
Tell us about your new release ?
The new song is called "Give me a Call" It features our little sister Amy Lewis on background vocals. We recorded the song over the span of two months. Tracked, produced and arranged by Chad and myself. Mixed by Myke Kurrnel at Vambo Studios and mastered by Jamie Sitar out of Outa Town Sound.
What is your work Process around your art ? A typical way you prefer working ?
I usually come up with a melody first and then build and arrange the rest of the song from there. Alot of the process is trial and error until something sounds good. I usually bounce ideas off of other producers or Chad as well
What are some milestone moments that define you today ?
Well, the mere fact that we have kept the Perms alive for over 20 years is a milestone in itself. We have also done alot of European touring that we are proud
What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?
These days rehearsals are done via zoom. Right now we are taking the time to write and record and just continue putting new fresh content out there. I think people are in need of good music right now with everything that is going on in the world.
Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?
No upcoming shows at the moment. We have performed literally all over the world. Some of my favorite shows were in 2010 when we toured in Bulgaria
Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live performances?
Sometimes I forget the lyrics so yes, lyrics can change during a live performance
How do you get people to take you seriously as a musician ?
We have a pretty long track record as a band so we don't worry about whether people take us seriously or not. It's a matter of what we think about ourselves as individuals and as a band
It's common for musician to go out of work.How can yousuppliment this time productivly
Right, so I carry a day job and spend my evenings typically writing, listening or producing new music. Probably one of my favorite things to do
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