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T3N london based artist in talks making of Day & Night
By Carry On Harry Studios
Friday - November 20, 2020 5:50 am     Views:21     A+ | a-
T3N grew up East London where he was first introduced to music in secondary school, then moving to Nottingham where he picked up music seriously at 16 years old after the suggestion of a few friends to try and actually make use of his singing voice. Since then he`s been writing and recording his own music from home particularly crafting sounds in the ilk of his inspirations such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars & The Weekend

The record Day & Night is a collaboration between T3N and a few different people. The song`s is an honest expression of the process of building up the courage to confess to an unrequited love creating a relatable experience that listeners can not only identify with but also enjoy and move to.
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to readers of CarryOnHarry Talk Show ?
I`d definitely like to say they should be really excited for whats to come for me as I`ve got so many records and stories which are going to be shared with the world as time passes by. I intend to make sure that I leave my mark on the world with my music so this is really just the beginning in so many ways and I`ll only continue to improve as an artist in order to continually push the boundaries of what I have to offer with my art.
Which part of the world are you from ? And what does it means for being interviewed by CarryOnHarry media platform from South East Asia ?
I was born in Zimbabwe, however I moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 7/8 to live with my parents in London and now currently live in Nottingham with my family. I come from really humble beginnings so every piece of attention and support I`ve received is massive as it shows me that I can really make something of my passion and dream. This interview on this platform is my first ever so it`s massive to me to actually someone take a genuine interest in what I`m doing, it will also always be memorable to me. Furthermore for me it shows me how small the world as it shows me that I can connect with anyone anywhere in the world through the common language of music which transcends and barriers. This interview also excites me and makes me look forward to more opportunities like this to share more about myself than I`m able to within a 3 minute song to create meaningful connections with others.
Your musical influences and what in particular makes you to learn from them ?
My biggest musical influences would have to Michael Jackson & The Beach Boys, both of these artists possessed what I only describe as mesmerizing artistry which taught me the two most important elements of my song writing and what I intend to establish as hallmarks of my craft. Harmonies & vulnerability within the lyrics, I believe these two things are what I picked up the most from my influences and strive to constantly develop within my records and sound.
How do things generally look for new musicians entering the field ?
I would say the most difficult element of the field for a new artist is gaining exposure. That is arguably the main challenge for an artist to conquer under the assumption that they`ve found their voice, who they are and have an ability to craft records which resonate with people there rest is really about getting people to the music which can be challenge in this world where there`s so much content to digest with almost everything being over saturated in a sense.
How do you get people to take you seriously as a musician ?
I believe its always about the music and always will be. As long you can create a record people resonate with or can at least respect as piece of art even if not to their specific tastes, they will acknowledge you as an artist in your own right just perhaps not one who makes music they specifically look for depending on their tastes.
Can you describe your typical workflow when you’re working on your art?
Its really tunnel-visioned and relentless once I have an idea I will stay up for days to see it through to completion as I`m so excited to hear how the idea would actually sound once executed.
Tell us about your new release ?
My new release was recorded towards the tail end of September. It was the first record I created of its specific sound as I hadn`t previously attempted to craft anything over a pop beat so heavily funk & disco influenced. This record was initially a challenge but I believe after it was crafted I was able to find one of the lanes and sounds I want to define me as an artist, since this sound was something I really enjoyed working on. The songs lyrics are really a narrative which I think everyone can relate of trying to chalk up the courage to confess emotions which you are initially hesitant to express, emotions that you aren`t even able to properly define; so you`d rather keep them to yourself leaving the thought of what could possibly be as something that exists only in your head even though you think about someone day & night. I think this record is as much about finding the courage to express your feelings as it is about exploring those feelings internally to make sense of them. Its very much a love song that I really enjoyed writing and is a part of an EP I`m working on, with this record being the first release as it really sets the tone of what type of an artist I aim to be aswell as what my upcoming EP will sound like broadly speaking.
How do you go about music production aspect of song . Tell about team that works with you ?
I always record music at home as its where I feel most comfortable. I usually know exactly what direction I want to go in once I hear an instrumental or get inspiration from a melody in my head. I don`t have a constant team as such however I do have a engineer who I always work with to get my songs mixed as he understands the exact sound i always want to achieve as far as how my vocals and an instrumental interact. In terms of producers I simply work with whomever who`s music I come across and feel inspired to write to.
What inspires you (or your music)?
Personally I`m inspired by the drive to continuously develop my craft until I can create some really timeless music that can transcend anything I am and instead positively impact the world. I also dream of creating my best record which I feel I`m far away from but hope to be able to do one day. In terms of actual songwriting my lyrics are usually initially influenced by whatever emotion an instrumental I hear makes me feel, from there I then tap into that emotion and see if I have any experiences where I felt that emotion strongly, meaning a lot of my music is based on my personal experiences or sometimes the experiences my friends have shared with me.
What are some milestone moments that define you today ?
To date my biggest mile stone is being played on BBC Radio, which was a huge moment for me as it reassured me that the definitely are people who are eager to hear the direction of music I`d like to go in. This makes me want to work even harder to craft better records as I`ve always been about just making music people can enjoy and music that is also a truly sincere and genuine expression of myself.
Your Experiences of collaboration with other artists/performers
I currently haven`t had the opportunity to work with other artists as I`m at a very early stage in my career currently I only really collaborate with producers to craft instrumentals that I can then write to. However I look forward to collaborating with other artists in the future when such opportunities present themselves.