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#1 iTunes artist, David Arn shares his passion through his music
By MTS Management
Friday - November 20, 2020 2:49 am     Views:227     A+ | a-
David Arn
David Arn
David is a singer-songwriter from Virginia. His single collaboration with Ava Hart, "Mother's Day - The Mother's Tale" is the true story about Ava's relationship with her son,who is on the autism spectrum. The single is from David's album, "Traveler Tales," a collection of 12 songs that are threaded together by the tales that each "traveler" tells.

On this occasion Studio Carry On Harry in collaboration with MTS Management , Michael Stover decided to bring the story about making of the song. In this respect David Arn was the best person who could be featured for an interview to give us process of his work of passion .
Tell us about yourself. Who you are and What do you want to achieve in your field and life ?
The official bio reads: David Arn is a singer songwriter best known for his lyrical style. He has three albums and multiple singles, His music is streamed worldwide. His videos have won film festival awards. His music has been played on NPR, the BBC, and heard on Delta Airline commercial flights.

I live in the moment. My greatest achievement is that everyday I get to do the one thing that makes me happiest. I am not waiting for the future.
Your musical influences and what in particular makes you to learn from them ?
I think I get a little bit from every artist I listen to. You listen and a flake of the song falls into a crevice of your imagination. I admire artists like Taylor Swift, Elliot Smith, Tom Petty. I think I am most influenced by Dylan and Leonard Cohen because of their lyrical quality, the use of imagery to indirectly convey an idea without coming out and beating you over the head with it.
Was there a specific moment in your life when you thought, “Music is what I want to do”?
When I finished my first album, promotionally speaking, it was a quiet affair. I sent copies to friends and a few radio stations. I received an email from a radio personality at the Richmond VA NPR station that said he was "putting me in the mix". A while later I had an incredible piece of luck in that I had a song play for two months on all Delta Airline flights. I didn't let any of it go to my head. I was humbled by the experience. But that's when I knew I wanted to reach for more moments like that.
How long have you been in the music industry and has music always been a part of your life?
I have been "active" for the past nine years. My grandfather played piano professionally in orchestras. There was always a piano in our house and I began taking lessons when I was about six years old.
Tell us about your new release ?
"Traveler Tales" is fourteen songs, fourteen travelers on a common journey, each relating their situation through song. You have the Mother's Tale, The Veteran's Tale, The Sinner's Tale, etc. It is a concept loosely based upon Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" where each pilgrim tells their story.
What Emotion and Message Does Your Album Touches ?
Each song is a first-person narrative performed in different styles that attempt to match the vernacular of the traveler. Some songs are folk, some are rock, some are folk rock. The distinctions are subtle. For that reason, I do not think there is a single emotional message. There are many. Sometimes it is love a mother or father might have for their children. Sometimes it is love or infatuation for another person. Several songs are about loss. "St.Paul's Chimes" is about abuse. "Keeping My Distance" takes up the tale of a war veteran having difficulty finding his way back. In the song "Silently Drifting to Paradise--The Sinner's Tale" Ava Hart sings a soulful song of regret. It is expressed in the lyrics that she is "trying to get back to before" .And of, course, in the song "Mother's Day -The Mother's Tale" Ava Hart sings a soulful inspirational song with which all parents can identify. Ava is the mother of a child with autism and she she embraces the emotion, love and dedication she has for her child.
Any Most Recent Experince that has enriched your outlook towards life ?
A daughter had her first child in January. Despite the lockdown of this pandemic that event has made my outlook happier, healthier and has made me want to live longer.
How has been Experince from your Recent Release ?
It's been wonderful. I had done two albums prior to this one,"Postmodern Days" and "Walking to Dreamland". The current album "Traveler Tales" has been a breakthrough. Two songs are on the radio, videos are engaging fans, I seem to be doing a lot of interviews.
What inspires you (or your music)?
That's a good question. Inspiration is a place I go to and once I get there and then leave I have difficulty finding my way back again. That is to say, I have no idea where it comes from or why certain ideas engage my imagination. Sometimes I come across a great piece of writing or hear a phenomenal song and it makes me want to drop everything and sit down at the piano. I become infatuated easily. I can have a moment, an exchange of glances with a beautiful woman and the next day it might present itself as an idea for a song.
Do you believe passion is an essential part of success ? What are you passionate about ?
Passion is everything. You must have a nearly excessive motive for writing and performing music. The expression people know me by is this: "You must show up everyday and do what you say you are going to do". I am obviously passionate about writing music. If I didn't have that in my life I am not certain what I would be doing.
Your Experiences of collaboration with other artists/performers
I work closely with an award-winning filmmaker in Brooklyn, William Murray., who seems to perfectly capture in video the essence of songs I send. Thus far we have won awards at three U.S. Film Festivals. I do musical collaborations with Tobias Wilson, a guitarist from the U.K. We have done many songs together and each time he lifts the music to the next level in such an egoless way so as not to overshadow the mood of the song. Listen to "Mother's Day (feat. Ava Hart)- The Mother's Tale" and focus on the acoustic guitar and you will hear what I mean. Of course, his dobro performance on "Not Amused" played a large part in getting that song played on radio.

I have also begun to collaborate with musician J.F. Sobecki where I send him lyrics and he molds them into songs
Where can potential fans find out more about you ?
Either on my website ( or Facebook
( You can listen for free on my Spotify artist page:

I have a lot of videos on my YouTube channel (