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L.I.F.E he has painted the picture of various challenges and dilemmas that we face as human - DaRil
By Harry
Friday - October 30, 2020 7:14 pm     Views:113     A+ | a-
L.I.F.E. Album Art
L.I.F.E. Album Art
DaRil is a new orlean native, artist , music producer and song writer. When you put an ear to his work you get a sense of uplifting spirit. In his new project L.I.F.E he has painted the picture of various challenges and dilemmas that we face as humans. Yet in his own style he urges listeners to take control of situations and conquer life.
Tell us about your new release ?
In my 6th studio recording L.I.F.E., i have puts my versatility and skills on full display for the world to see. I have aimed for storytelling, thought provoking concepts, and brilliant production, this amazing musical composition is sure to have a tremendous impact on the masses. I would say, prepare yourself for intellectual stimulation with songs like America which paints a highly descriptive picture of a complex country that has many different sides and segments, and L.I.F.E which reveals the various challenges and dilemmas that we face during life’s journey, such as frustration, temptation, pain, greed, and poverty. Get ready for emotional inspiration with songs such as Game Time that urges the listener to prepare for his/her one shot at success and stardom and Cruisin which takes the listener on a smooth and funky ride from state to state throughout the U.S. The remaining vocal tracks on L.I.F.E. share specific, actual events experienced by DaRil, and the various predicaments we are all currently facing as global citizens. As a surprise, to top off and balance this amazing project, DaRil has included some dynamic, ingenious, upbeat, and unique instrumental tracks that are sure to keep you rocking for years to come. All in all, this project is destined to be an instant classic and must hear
What is your work Process around your art ? A typical way you prefer working ?
My process is simply to write or produce tracks when the inspiration hits me.
What are some milestone moments that define you today ?
Performing 100's of times throughout the US, placing as a top finalists in the nationwide hottest new artist contest, being selected as a Supercuts Rock the Cut Ambassador, enjoying the freedom and autonomy of serving as an independent artist for all of these years, and experiencing longevity in the music world.
When did your Journey Start as a Musician / Singer ? Give us details of this Journey.
My musical journey started right at 21 years ago when I first began to receive inspiration to write songs. After composing the lyrics, I had a small problem- no musical tracks. Since my music career is certainly divine, there was a miraculous solution which could solve my dilemma- team up with the musician at the church I attended. Once I was able to add him as a puzzle piece, I ran into another issue. I didn't have anywhere to record. So, I conducted a search and discovered a highly professional local recording studio. We came together, combined the vocals with the music, and went to the studio to record my first single composed of two songs- R U Ready and Represent. Next, we duplicated some copies to test the waters. To our surprise, the project was well received and even generated a buzz. Because of our success, we decided we would produce our first LP- R U Ready. Prior to recording the first LP, we added another partner and piece to the puzzle who would serve as the CEO of the record label. This arrangement lasted for a limited time. The musician ended up parting ways with us, which caused me and my partner to have to bring in another producer as well as put on the producer hat ourselves. Despite the challenging circumstances, we were able to produce a great CD that included me as the lead vocalist and some awesome backup singers. When we released it, things went extremely well, and doors began to open. But, before long there was trouble in paradise again. This time, my partner and I ended up going our separate ways. Now, everything was on me. For this, I was truly grateful because this proved to be a tremendous blessing. From that moment on, I went on to produce 5 more CD’s, perform all over the US, collaborate with many artists, reunite with my first producer, and enjoy a wonderful music career that has lasted even to this day.
What's new in the recording of your music ?
There are several things I would say are new with the recording of my music. First off, for this current project, L.I.F.E, I have teamed up with a brand new producer. Another difference is I have now added the hat of recording engineer. I recorded, mixed, and mastered my current project. Lastly, for this project, I have included several instrumental tracks.
What's your outlook on the record industry today?
My outlook of today’s music industry is sort of complicated. On one hand, I love it because there are so many opportunities out there for musicians to take control of our own careers by becoming musicpreneurs. The possibilities are limitless. We have direct access to fans and various avenues for monetizing our music. On the other hand, the music industry is weird because it is oversaturated with musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, labels, etc. Also, the payments for streaming services are very small in comparison to radio royalties, which makes it hard to pursue music full-time these days, especially as an independent.
What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?
I am very leery of online music sharing because it takes lots of money, time, and effort to produce quality music. To share it without receiving any compensation is really a disservice to an artist. How can he/she recoup the money invested in his/her recording if many people are sharing it for free? I personally give away a free download here and there for promotional purposes. However, I don't agree with just sharing it on a regular basis with many users.
Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live performances?
Yes, I have notebooks and binders full of written music. I have composed 100's of songs. Yes, I often change lyrics to accommodate the audience during live performances. I also ad-lib.
It's common for musician to go out of work.How can yousuppliment this time productivly
As a musician in this current era, you must be very creative and innovative. You must develop multiple ways to monetize your music, so you'll always remain busy, even when you aren't conducting live gigs or recording.
How do things generally look for new musicians entering the field ?
Initially, things normally look great and very promising. Sometimes, once artist actually get to work, things become a little challenging because there is so much that goes into the music business, especially if you are an independent artist/musician. I believe the key is knowing your strengths/weaknesses and assembling a team of trusted individuals who can assist you in areas of need or deficiency.
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to readers of CarryOnHarry Talk Show ?
I appreciate you taking the time to read this interview. I also invite you to check out my site and social media platforms because I have so much more to offer than just music.
Where can readers and guests of CarryOnHarry Talk Show contact you ?
My music site is I can also be found on Facebook-, Twitter-, and Instagram-