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Ten Penny Gypsy : The Story behind making of "Fugitive Heart"
By MTS Management
Friday - October 30, 2020 1:36 pm     Views:202     A+ | a-
Laura Lynn Danley and Justin Patterson - Ten Penny Gypsy
Laura Lynn Danley and Justin Patterson - Ten Penny Gypsy
Ten Penny Gypsy's 2017 self-titled debut album, also produced by Crawford, was an Arkansas CMA nominee for "Album of the Year" in 2018. The band also garnered ACMA nominations for "Americana Artist of the Year" and "Vocal Group of the Year" in both 2018 and 2019

On the release of new track "Fugitive Heart" , we at carryonharry studios thought to connect and bring the story about making of such a successful band with release of "Fugitive Heart".

"Fugitive Heart" is a collection of songs that thematically explores the uncertainties caused by separation.

"Fugitive Heart" is an eclectic, upbeat album combining Americana and Country/Blues sounds, that thematically explores " the uncertainties of separation”.STREAMING OF COMPLETE TRACK LIST AVAILABLENOW at

Special Thanks MTS Management Team for making it possible for us.
When did your Journey Start as a Musician / Singer ? Give us details of this Journey.
Laura Lynn Danley: My musical journey began in church, as my mother put me on stage at a very early age to sing. Later, I sang in a Gospel quartet with my brothers. Justin Patterson: My father listened to Merle Haggard records when I was just a boy. I used to lip sync to them in front of a mirror, so my family decided to buy me a guitar when I was 6 years old.
What do you think sets you apart from other bands in your genre ?
Our music is an eclectic blend of Folk, Country, and Americana, that is deeply influenced by the 1970s singer/songwriter sound. It really can't be pigeonholed into one category, and I believe that gives us a trademark sound that sets us apart from from others.
Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?
As traveling musicians, we have been struck by the kindness of total strangers that we meet while on the road. We often muse that if we were ever down to our last 10 pennies while away from home, and couldn't buy anything, there would always be a Good Samaritan there to help us out of our bind. Thus, the name Ten Penny Gypsy.
Your Most Recent Work , released or unreleased that you are working Upon ?
Most recently, we released a lyric video for the song " Your True You" (from Fugitive Heart.) The song reached number one on the iTunes Country Sales Chart in South Africa recently, and we wanted to produce some visual content for it to thank our fans around the world for supporting the song!
Themeatically what is the journey of newly released music. Share your analysis about the final product ?
"Fugitive Heart" is a collection of songs that thematically explores the uncertainties caused by separation. It is represented well on our album cover, which shows us sitting on far opposite ends of a park bench. Although we wrote these songs prior to the pandemic, we released the album during it, and we're taken by how easily relatable these songs were for listeners. Everyone seems to feel the separation and the distances that have been caused by the global reaction to this virus..
What is the story behind the title of Album of your new release ?
An album title should always be a wide-reaching artistic summation of the overall theme of the songs. Fugitive Heart was a defining term for the emotional thread that runs through this album. In addition, the title song itself is one of our favorites.
Few Years from now Where do you see yourself or Where do you want to be ?
We hope to be a fixture on the worldwide Americana stage. Preferably in a world that is no longer living in fear of a virus, or gridlocked by political and racial division.
How have things changed for you after getting all this recognition with your released song For Peace Seria?
It has been very gratifying to see our most recent album reach a worldwide audience. Our debut album in 2017 was very well received locally. In fact, it was nominated for Album of the Year in 2018 by the Arkansas CMA. Our goal for the second album was to reach a broader audience, and we have been very fortunate to be able to do that.
What is most exciting performing as Solo Artist or as duo ? What is main difference between the two ?
Both are equally exciting. As a solo artist, you often have to rely solely on your own energy every performance. Sometimes the benefit of playing in a duo is the presence of somebody else's creative spirit and energy, and that can be very uplifting.
How do you split workload among the team of your band ?
One of the most important parts about being in the band is the optimization of your individual talent. We divide the workload according to our strengths. One of us is very gifted in fan interaction and procuring lasting relationships. One of us excels at the technical and administrative details that go into releasing an album. It's all according to gifts.
What are your future project(s)?
Our immediate future solely involves promotion of this wonderful album we are so proud of "Fugitive ❤️ Heart." We want to get as many worldwide ears to hear it as we possibly can! We are extremely anxious for things to get back to normal on the touring side of things, and can't wait to see our fans again in person! Of course, there are always new songs to write, so we are sure there will be a new album in the works soon.
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