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Talks with Singer Musician Simone Eversdijk
By Simone Eversdijk
Wednesday - October 21, 2020 9:02 pm     Views:122     A+ | a-
Simone Eversdijk from Zevenbergen in Brabant is a singer and songwriter, with a powerful and warm sound. Her music style can be described as (Dutch) pop music with a “message”. In a short time, Simone has succeeded in addressing a very wide audience. Here we at studio carry on harry wanted to introduce her from the personal side of her mindset that involves how she evolved into becoming a successful artist.
Tell us about your new release ?
Just wake me up when it's all over! Fighting depression depression in these weird times we are currently living in, long times being alone and not being able what I love to do most.... basically just fighting my own way through the darkness.... these times
Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live performances?
I only write them down in the creation process, after that they get 'familiar' and from there on I love playing around with the lyrics, I think it makes the live performances more live and in some cases more personal.
What's new in the recording of your music ?
Woah, that is a tough one. Don't think there is anything really new, me and my producer just work together as a team, I go with y feeling and the studio give me every freedom to do so and he and I make a good team to produce it the way I have in mind.
What is your work Process around your art ? A typical way you prefer working ?
Everything I do comes from within. Sometimes I can hear something and it just clicks and start humming, o writing down lyrics. Sometimes I hear someone telling their story and in my mind I create a song from it. Not really a standard process, sometimes I go with melody first, sometimes some lyrics stuck in my mind and work from there. As long as it feels good for me, I just work from there.
When did your Journey Start as a Musician / Singer ? Give us details of this Journey.
Few years ago I was very sick, and didn't come out of my home. I just put a video of me singing on my facebook, for fun. And Joce Notenboom from the studio contacted me and told me to get over there, she taught it would do me good when I get out and just sing to relax. From there on I went there once a week, just for my own mindset to relax and cope with everything and it made me feel so much better! From there on they kept "pushing" me, in a good way, to try more, background singing for other artists first, then writing lyrics for them. And finally the major step to perform myself! So thankful for everything in this journey and what I brought me.
What are some milestone moments that define you today ?
Milestones, well I just enjoy the little things, the interaction, the way singing can make people feel. My most important moment as a singer for me, is a small gig, for a terminal ill woman, who loved my track and wanted the cd, as a surprise we went there in person, the way she was thankful and emotional reaction made me feel, are the real wins for me.
What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Don't really know how to answer this one in these weird times. Social media and interaction with your fans becomes more and more important now, but for me that is what I aways done and love the most, but it requires lot more I guess to reach your public for real without the live performances
What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?
I love to share my music, because I love to share how it makes me feel. Like I told with the terminally ill woman, for me it is about reaching out to them.
It's common for musician to go out of work.How can yousuppliment this time productivly
I have a busy life, off course in the studio, singing, writing, creating new track for me and other artists, but besides that I have my family, my kids and a fulltime job besides it. Sometimes makes it hard to get everything planned out, but I still manage to juggle my time and get everything done.
How do things generally look for new musicians entering the field ?
It's hard, but keep working hard, stay with yourself and you find your own followers. Think the mindset is most important, I still feel like I'm riding a pink cloud and love every comment, performance and stories they tell
Where can readers and guests of CarryOnHarry Talk Show contact you ?
Off course the can find me on my social media, instagram and facebook, as Simone Eversdijk, links to them you can find on my website
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to readers of CarryOnHarry Talk Show ?
Hold on and be safe!!! We are currently going though very rough times, but we still have music, to cheer us up, to cope with u feelings, music ill always be there.