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Name: Will Schneider
Location: Sonoma County,San Francisco
Hello Harry,

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for you inviting me onto your excellent show yesterday. I enjoyed our dialog and was really ‘moved’ by your grasp of the importance to shine light on our shadows. I wish we weren’t worlds apart! I have a feeling we’d be friends.

Harry, if you need me to rerecord the intro you requested (right at the end of our interview) I’d be happy to do that, as I realize I wasn’t quite ready with the correct name of your show, etc. Just let me know.

Thanks again, Harry, and all the very best to you!

Will Schneider
Reply: It was a pleasure talking to you Mr Schneider. And thank you for the kind words. I Love My Work and I Love to feature work of my guests who have an objective of giving value to readers. For this it becomes important that we value to understand what will be best way to encourage them so that more good work comes from them. You have written a great concept and i am sure people will love it.
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Posted on: Tuesday - Jun 28, 2016
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Name: Len Rosen
Location: Toronto, Canada
Harry, I want to thank you so much for having me on your show! You are a fantastic interviewer in that not only are you very professional in your approach to interviewing, but you also make your guests feel at home and like a family. I wish you all the best and continued success! God bless you!
Reply: Thank You Len. CarryOnHarry Studios is ONE DIGITAL HOME of like minded people with great personalities to influence world through great work and make it a better place to live in.

I enjoyed talking to you. I did try to stretch your and my listeners mind by asking you few out of the box questions meant to understand and get ideas from your learning. Its never a perfect but its always an attempt to make it perfect. Thank you again for your time.
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Posted on: Wednesday - Jun 15, 2016
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Name: Eddy Mann
Location: Philadelphia, PA USA
Thanks for having me on Harry. I really enjoyed our conversation and found your questions interesting and thoughful. I truly appreciate your support of the 'GrinigLove' album and I'm looking forward to our next meeting. Love on, Eddy... - twitter: @eddy_mann - facebook: eddymann.musician
Reply: Thank You Eddy. I wish you all the best and it was insightful to talk to you not just about DIGLOVE but all the information that you shared with my listeners , some of them who aspire to be walking on path of similar nature. We tried to learn from Success Model you created for yourself and Others may find the info useful to know What Works and What Not ? Thank You and All the best to you and MTS Management team who gave opportunity to connect us for show recording.
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Posted on: Wednesday - Jun 8, 2016
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Name: Dr. Jo Anne White
Location: US
Harry is a wonderful interviewer who studies his guests and asks questions that bring out the best in his guests while also paying attention to what his listeners are interested in knowing and learning about. Thanks harry for a wonderful opportunity to be on your show!
Reply: Dr. Jo Anne White Thank you for the feedback and your kind words both on the show and here in guestbook. In my constant effort for creating progressive mind through CarryOnHarry Studios Media Platform , guests like you not only help me meet my vision but also helps me learn and understand from experiences shared by each and every guest.

We all assemble here not just to inform but to learn from each other. Thanks again.
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Posted on: Tuesday - Jun 7, 2016
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Name: Pouline Middleton
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Thanks for a most interesting talk with you, Harry about some of the challenges of relationships in a modern world full of choices and possibilities. I appreciate your curiosity about my One Woman Three Men model and the chance to present it and my novel on the subject - keep up the good work! :
Reply: Ms Pouline Middleton , Thank you for joining from Denmark and connecting with Singapore Studios of CarryOnHarry.

What you shared in the book is excellent piece of information and what you explained on the show will definitely make lot of other people who are facing relational issues to learn from you.
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Posted on: Sunday - May 22, 2016
Posted by Comments
Name: jim sweeney
Location: Clearwater, Florida
Many thanks to Harry for having me as a guest on his show. Really appreciate the exposure to Harry's audience as well as his professionalism as a host.
Reply: Thank You Jim.
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Posted on: Monday - May 9, 2016
Posted by Comments
Name: Sarah K. Stephens
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Harry is a generous interviewer full of positivity and warmth--I greatly appreciated the opportunity to chat with him about my book, A Flash of Red, my writing, and life. A fantastic experience!
Reply: Thank you Sarah It was delight to speak to you . I wish you all the best for work.
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Posted on: Friday - Mar 11, 2016
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Name: Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
Location: Phoenix, AZ USA
Lovely show with Harry. Pleasant, easy going interview. Thanks so much! Super
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Posted on: Monday - Mar 7, 2016
Posted by Comments
Name: JRS3
Location: Dallas, Texas
Wow! I had a great time talking to you man looking forward to doing it again! Carry on Harry Super
Keep jamming that You And Me Harry! Cheesy
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Posted on: Monday - Feb 22, 2016
Posted by Comments
Name: Sheldon Ginsberg
Location: San Antonio
I thought the interview was handled very smoothly. The questions were thought out beforehand and were completely in line with getting my message across. Great experience! Clap
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Posted on: Monday - Feb 22, 2016
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