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About Danné Montague-King

The Maybelline Prince: Founder of DMK TransGenesis International, and Ambassador for Leadership in Human Rights with the Harvey Milk Foundation

Pioneer in his industry. Danné has seen the depths of depression associated with poorly functioning skin. In fact his everlasting passion was born from his dissatisfaction with his own acne (scientifically know as acneic) as a teen. Many times he has shared the story of how his parents would take him to lavish events where he would find a dark corner to hide away in, ashamed of this blemished skin. Not understanding the condition completely, and after failed attempts from top US dermatologists to cure his acne, Danné took things into his own hands and desperate for a cure, became his own guinea pig. A string of breakthroughs, trials and tribulations, and many travels would follow, until he found his first true breakthrough in the 60’s involving vitamin C therapy.

That’s all it took to spark what would be decades of developing successful treatments and products that would combine to form the iconic brand that is DMK – sold throughout 30 countries. For 50 years Danné has lived by his motto: rebuilding skin, rebuilding lives.

Dedicated to his craft, his practicing therapists, and his clients, Danné is the founder of the DMK family and is responsible for rebuilding skin, and rebuilding lives all over the world.


About Book

The 1970s were known for free love and experimentation of all kinds. Nobody cared if you were gay, straight or bisexual, and the use of recreational drugs was common.
In the midst of all this appeared a woman who had turned the head of Al Capone, helped found the famous Maybelline cosmetics company, and still possessed more than enough beauty, magnetism and allure to make men do more than they had ever thought they could do.

When Evelyn F. Williams (of the Maybelline Cosmetic empire / fame) and her enigmatic young male companion (the author) arrived in Hot Springs, Arkansas, they took over the famous town in a whirlwind of lights, rock ‘n' roll, cameras, beautiful people and a grand lifestyle. They created a media frenzy wherever they went and changed many young people's lives for the better—until jealousy and resentment led to stories of orgies, twisted sex, drugs, Mafia hits…and the mystery of the Maybelline Queen's fiery death, which some still call an unsolved murder.

This is the uncut version of that high-living time written by the young man who lived it with Evelyn—the man who was supposed to “never be heard from again”—Danné Montague King. It also tells how the “Maybelline Prince” went on to found a skin care dynasty of his own (DMK Skin Care Line), hobnob around the world with everyone from decadent bluebloods to political activists—and turn a life well-lived in all the lanes into a message for everyone: anything can happen when you dare to dream





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