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CarryonHarry Talk Show Featured Guest

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About the Author Juan Rodriguez
New Book

"The Veronica Journey juan rodriguez." The series is about three brave people whose stories interconnect and then grow. The first one and most important one is Veronica Woodard. She is an activist who is fighting against the government with her fiance Stephen Moody. They are trying to find a way to learn about the inside of the government's plans and take them down. They discover that one way would be for her to sacrifice her body to the government.

The second story is Reuben Velasquez. He is mostly important in the first book. He has to overcome drug use and gangs in this dystopia. The third is Jessica Rivera. She has to overcome her rape and depression in this dystopia. Once the world is destroyed, a handful of survivors have to live in the wilderness and survive.

This is when all of their stories collide and grow. Reuben hunts with the others to provide food. Jessica and her family cut up herbs and make sure everyone is healthy and so on. Eventually, they find a "Promised Land" so to speak and they attempt to restart civilization. Since Veronica was taken by the government and escaped, Stephen believed that she was dead and fell in love with Jessica. Psychologically, he was replacing Veronica. He now has to choose between Jessica and Veronica in a nasty love triangle as a rebellion against Sherman unfolds, and Veronica has to discover how to use her powers before the little that's left of the world becomes nothing.






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