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Connie Allen, Blackjack Dealer, Casino Expert Author

CarryonHarry Talk Show Featured Guest Connie Allen
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A professional Blackjack Dealer for 16 years, former casino employee Connie Allen is ready to share step by step how to keep your money a while longer for the Novice Players.

A few tips for the experience players also.

As Author of the new book, The Casino through a Dealer's Eyes, Connie offers helpful insights about gambling and how casinos work.

For years she's seen how casinos use noise and excitement to make gamblers do things that they regret later.

So many people visit casinos with the intent to win but don't realize that what they're doing only helps them lose.

Her "success strategies" can make your casino visits more enjoyable, and hopefully more profitable, too.

Casino Through a Dealers Eyes BookConnie's advice to gamblers can help them see the casino in a different light: She'll help them understand why they may feel they never win, as well as offer insight into games they may have thought they were playing correctly (plus she'll share the correct ways to play them instead!)

Connie Allen, Professional Blackjack Dealer and Author wants to share from her book the following:

How casinos really work
How gamblers can keep their money longer
Insights and suggestions on the most popular table games
Things you should never do at a table
Why sometimes carnival games are your best bet

Professional Blackjack Dealer for a very popular casino
16 years experience and a lot of knowledge over the years

Her book is rated exceptional and compares as great as the Best Seller books on the topic of Casinos. This is a must read!! (eBook is also available)





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