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Book Author Lee Fishman
Mediums Guild

CarryonHarry Talk Show Featured
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A quest for riches turns deadly when a psychic who helps find a missing couple
is lured into a mysterious scheme Real estate agent Margo Fellshur can’t catch a break in a slow housing market. With her teen-age daughter dreaming of high end colleges, hopes of financial stability grow dimmer by the minute. For extra cash, the single mother works weekends as a psychic, reading cards at parties – and she’s good at it. Too bad she can’t resolve her own issues.

As a kid, Margo took her intuitive ability for granted. Couldn’t everyone see auras and hear the thoughts of their friends? Discovering tarot cards helped Margo focus, creating more faith in her “second sight”.

A chance encounter connects Margo with Greg, a pilot whose brush with death leaves him shaken. They click and he asks for her help in finding his sister and her friend, who disappeared months before. Margo recruits fellow psychics but they come up short until a dream changes everything.

" This novel from Ms. Fishman was a pleasurable read. The author has combined parapsychology with the daily struggles of a single mother trying to make ends meet while raising two children - one a college-bound high school senior. This is not a formulaic or predictable novel; interesting well drawn characters, unexpected plot twists, and a bonafide treasure hunt made this novel a lot of fun. "

- By Triviaologist


" Medium's Guild by Lee Fishman was a fun read, with under currents of seriousness. The book was a good mixture of entertainment, mystery, and romance, with just the right amount of mother-of-teenager angst. I really enjoyed how the psychic gifts of the book's central character helped the reader see these gifts from a different perspective. The reader is able to get inside her head and see that she's a normal person, with the normal worries, fears, and anxieties, regardless of her unusual talents. This read was time well spent and I look forward to additional work from this author. ."

- By Shirley Kasser

A Few Words with Author

Why do you feel you had to write "Mediums Guild"?
It was a story that wouldn’t go away. Some scenes in my novel, Mediums Guild are based on real life happenings. Years back, I found myself working part-time with a group of psychics. At parties and fund raisers, we shared our intuitive knowledge through tarot and palm readings. Several incidents occurred within this group of friends and they’ve always stayed with me.

What's the source for your ideas?
My inspiration often begins with real world events. From there I add tidbits of conversations overheard, stories people tell me and bits and pieces of my own imagination. These things go into the hopper where I mull it over until it emerges as the beginning of a story.

Do you ever experience writer's block, and how do you overcome it?
Writers block is not pretty. When it happens, I focus on an extreme emotion, such as anxiety or fear. I let my characters feel that emotion and wait to see what they make of it. Some of my best writing comes after that scary writer’s block is pushed out of the way.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
There are a couple of things. Explore a variety of writing formats. Write whenever you can. Finally, I urge all writers to find a writers critique group. You can’t write in a vacuum.

Who are your favorite authors?
That's a hard one. There are so many wonderful authors but I'll just name the ones that pop into my head. Kate Atkinson is a great fiction writer, but I love her mysteries most. My introduction to her work was Started Early, Took My Dog. Lately, I've been reading George Saunders. He tells some darkly comic and mind-bending tales. And how could I forget Gary Shteyngart? His Super Sad True Love Story is an all-time favorite.

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I try to write every day, mainly in the morning. Once I've logged a few hours at the computer, I'm ready to get some activity. Two days a week, I do career counseling at a women's shelter. Other days I might take a yoga class, meet friends for lunch or take a stroll. I'm lucky enough to live in a very walkable city.



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