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About the Author
Astrologer Suzan Hayden is known throughout the Midwest for her insightful readings, tremendous humor and compassionate counseling style. As a Certified Member of the American Association of Professional Psychics, Suzan has studied astrology in the United States, England, Ireland, and has interpreted over 12,000 charts over the last 24 years using both psychological and spiritual approaches. Suzan is also well known throughout the United States for her lectures and motivational speeches that integrate astrology with various psychological portraits of individuals past and present..

About Book

Why do certain people shine more brightly in life than others? We're all blessed with a certain level of talent and drive, so what gives superstars the extra compulsion to expand their goals and reach the stratosphere of achievement, whatever the cost?

To answer these questions, noted astrologer Suzan Hayden merges traditional astrology with today's pop-culture celebrity enchantment. Her stellar book give readers a peek behind the astrological velvet curtain of forty remarkable men and women―from mega-watt modern celebs like Angelina, Bono, and Bill Gates to historic luminaries such as Dali and Mozart ― to explore their lives and see how their birth charts foretell breakout abilities.

Far from just another book on celebrity sun signs, Star Power Astrology helps readers decode their spiritual DNA and gain life-changing insights by comparing their personal charts to the charts of luminescent stars.

With the help of simple instructions to obtain a natal chart, basic non-woo woo language, and more insights than all the bling on Rodeo Drive, Star Power Astrology demystifies the language and practice of modern astrology. Suzan Hayden gives readers everything they need to explore and exploit their natural, natal-given strengths and reach full-throttle capacity in this life.






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