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Wednesday - April 14, 2021 9:02 pm
Juha Jyrkäs is a Finnish musical pioneer, who has replaced an electric guitar and bass with electric kantele and bass kantele in a metal album, first to do so a in a world. Kantele is an ancient Finnish string-instrument  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   82
Wednesday - April 14, 2021 8:52 pm
Holy Water is the first single of her debut album FORMATION which will be released in the autumn of 2021. The year where Jessy takes a step towards bigger, more harmonious and personal productions in a way she hasn't been before, produced by herself.  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   40
Tuesday - April 13, 2021 7:09 pm
Kilgo’s past gigs span the globe from countless spots in America, Canada, and Europe. He's opened for the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Gryffin, Griz, Riff Raff, Lost Kings, and CID, just to name a few. Kilgo is now really taking off with his productions, with a strong focus on his signature tech house soud.  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   69
Saturday - April 10, 2021 3:15 am
Trapped by a Business That Kept Him Wedded to a Treadmill That Allowed No Time to Support His Ill and Struggling Daughter, He Made the Decision That is Now Helping Others Find Their Freedom  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   128
Saturday - April 10, 2021 3:11 am
Travel with Anthony Teresi as He Reveals the Infinite Bliss and Wonder of the Oneness That Awaits Us, in the Transcendent Dimensions Where Our Pure Consciousness Resides and Ultimately Returns to The Origin from Which All Love Flows  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   137
Saturday - April 10, 2021 2:24 am
I started dreaming of publishing songs for other listeners as well. I contacted a few producers in Finland so I could publish your first self-published song. I agreed to collaborate with Tommi A. Ahonen and decided to start publishing at my own expense as an independent artist. The goal is great, to make my music heard around the world.  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   106
Saturday - April 10, 2021 1:58 am
The song has a strong and intense punch to it, but it still feels silky and warm in terms of production. In other words, this particular song is most definitely going to be in your ballpark, if you are a fan of genres such as EDM and Deep House among others.   Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   100
Friday - April 9, 2021 6:16 pm
I create my signature style by combing all genre of music and vocal influences from Artist who have inspired me. Pop, Soul, Disco and Jazz.  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   110
Friday - April 9, 2021 5:57 am
The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance, provides eight keys, the last being the Golden Key, that convey the ways in which to align with the Universe's functionality. To take advantage of the underlying truth of how reality works, so that you can instigate the "alchemy" that leads to the fulfillment of all desires and dreams.   Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   108
Friday - April 9, 2021 5:17 am
Angelicca is a young, independent singer/songwriter/producer from Malmö, Sweden. She creates chill R&B/Soul and trap with a sensual touch to it. This young artist has performed live on some of the biggest stages in her country, but is now focusing more on recording new, original tracks. Angelicca writes about neediness, intimate confidence and about her own experiences regarding attachments.   Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   98
Friday - April 9, 2021 12:35 am
Each new album I strive to create new sounds and to try something different. It’s already difficult to keep my music in a particular genre, if you’ve heard some of my catalog of music  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   144
Wednesday - April 7, 2021 2:53 am
In his new book COVID 19 and Humanity's Spiritual Awakening, Forrest Rivers explores the myriad ways in which the virus served to awaken the seeds of truth, wisdom and the acknowledgement of our common roots as one human family.
According to Rivers, something altogether beautiful has bubbled up from beneath the surface.   Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   130
Wednesday - April 7, 2021 1:49 am
I was focused on music and creating and accomplishing goals when someone just came out of know where and sparked some things lol. Now I'm big on going with the flow and not forcing things, and the feelings were apparent, and you can't help how you feel.  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   99
Tuesday - April 6, 2021 3:49 pm
Monster is a song based around his mothers abusive relationships.Growing up homeless and living in very bad conditions Lazarus uses music so he can help inspire people or even connect with those who may have been through tough times.   Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   145
Tuesday - February 9, 2021 6:51 pm
Nathan analyzed why some people were effective and others weren't in networking, and one principle reason was length of the meeting. Once he established that 20 minutes was the ideal amount of time, he set about condensing the perfect mix of communication techniques that elicit the valuable intel and connections that WILL lead to a job!  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   565
Sunday - February 7, 2021 3:23 am
A truly inspiring story of Walter B. Biondi will give you inspiration to never let go off dreams that you hold for yourself. Being a celebrated author of book The Promiscuous Puppeteer. He gave us an account of his life to infuse that missing inspiration in our own life seeing the obstacles ahead of us.  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   753
Tuesday - January 26, 2021 7:19 pm
This is story of Tagore Almeida. International Film maker,with two films in bollywood made as feature films for India and directed a number of short films that have done the film festival rounds.  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   653
Sunday - January 24, 2021 6:17 pm
Celebrating success of his new film A Game Called Relationship , Director Vivek Sharma shared his story to inspire aspiring filmmakers and aspirants of success to keep believing in dreams that are important to them.  Read more...                                      

Post Popularity Rating :   464
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