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Pepe has released "Sol de Playa", his first worldwide promoted single together with a new music video
Author CarryonHarry
Tuesday - June 16, 2015 9:53 pm
Pepe has released

Musician, composer, producer, artist and also tv host, Pepe is one of the most known and loved public persons in Romania. In 15 years of activity he has released 8 studio albums working with the major Romanians labels, Cat Music,Roton Music and Media Pro Music. Since 2014, his career is developed together with his own team, his own label, Pepe Latin Music, which now it represents the artist in every single aspects from publishing to management. In this way, Pepe has the unique possibility to create, produce and promote what he want, when and how.
Even if he is an artist by excellence having a prolific and continuous activity (single releases, music video releases, TV shows, tours, etc.) Pepe is a constant presence in television. In the past few years he was the main host for many TV shows, some of them being international formats. In 2015, for example, Pepe was in the jury for “Next Star” – Number 1 Talent Show in Romania and these days he is the host in Celebrity Splash! for the third year consecutive.

BUCHAREST, June 15th, 2015  - This summer is very important for Pepe, one of the most well-known musicians and number 1 Latin Pop singer in Romania“Sol de Playa”, his first  internationally promoted single is ready to hit the worldwide charts after the Romanian version of the song “E Vara Mea / It’s my summer” was the summer hit of 2014 in Romania.
“The idea of making the Spanish version of the track “It’s my summer” came after the good feedback of the first edit of the song. Because of the Flamenco influences in the composition I also felt that it will sound better. And after the recording session I was sure about this. This is my first track which it will be promoted worldwide and I think it could become one of this summer tracks in the same way last year it was in Romania.” says Pepe talking about the new release.
Together with the single Pepe has released also the music video for “Sol de Playa”, a video which gather in one place a lot of number one Romanian artists and producers from different genres. The video fits perfectly to the character of the artist. It is all about party, “a party cubana” as the lyrics say, in all the ways or better put all the frames this can be. Even the unexpected rain which begun at one moment, and normally it stops the shooting, it is character in the video and from “party breaker” became the perfect scene for another level of having fun.
“Sol de Playa” is by far the best music video from my career. I had with me a lot of friends and in fact it was a day off from our “job” ... from tours, from performances, interviews or recording sessions. This is why everything became a big crazy party. I’ve made a promise that we will repeat the whole thing in the future in a way or another. It was for the first time in my life when I had the feeling that shooting a music video could be more fun than work. :)”

“Sol de Playa” is the 20th music video shoot by Pepe in 15 years of career and the second one produced by Pepe Latin Music, his own record label, which deals since 2014 with everything it means the publishing and also the management of the artist.

Single Credits “Pepe featuring Arando Marquez – Sol de Playa”
ISRC: RO-PLA-14-00004
Producer: Pepe Latin Music
Publishing: Pepe Latin Music
Artists: Pepe
Composers: Connect-R, Adrian Cristescu
Lyrics: Pepe
Music Video Credits “Pepe featuring Arando Marquez – Sol de Playa”
Producer: Pepe Latin Music
Director: Dan Petcan
DOP: Bogdan Filip

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