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Guest News
Singapore Book Launch : India makes fresh global investment drive; book launched at SMU
Posted 1on: Sunday - Sep 14, 2014
India’s High Commissioner to Singapore Vijay Thakur Singh launches the book on Indian socio-economy in Singapore. Joining the launch on 12 September 2014 are Dr V P Nair, President of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin, book co-author, Gurdip Singh and Sameer Mohindru as well as Vikram Khanna, associate editor of Singapore’s Business Times.

Travel Review Cape Sienna, Phuket
Posted 1on: Saturday - Sep 13, 2014
CarryonHarry Talk Show recently had a stay at Cape Sienna , Phuket Here is a brief review

Weekend Notes from Talk Show host Harry Johal
Posted 1on: Saturday - Sep 13, 2014 the series of self expression I thought to communicate and write something for my visitors of CarryonHarry Talk show website.

Talk Show host notes to bring Danné Montague King
Posted 1on: Friday - Sep 12, 2014
his inspiring messages to uplift the mind set of people about success , money , relationships was something that i really enjoyed listening to.

Talk Show host Harry Johal Notes to bring Prince LakshyaRaj Singh Mewar
Posted 1on: Friday - Sep 12, 2014
The objective again was to introduce him as a visionary prince who cares and shares his power to uplift the human cause, people who look upto them to lead into constructive society.

Australia's most connected man on LinkedIn launches a unique concept to sell his novel giving readers a chance to win millions
Posted 1on: Thursday - Sep 11, 2014
James Evangelidis, has come up with a ground-breaking concept to launch his first thriller this September. An eBook entitled Maze of Keys.

The Maybelline Prince : DANNÉ MONTAGUE-KING founder DMK
Posted 1on: Wednesday - Sep 10, 2014
On the show A pioneer in his industry of Skin Care products " DANNÉ MONTAGUE-KING " not just spoke about the book or reason for writing the book. But also gave some lovely messages to young minds.

The Maybelline Prince: Founder of DMK TransGenesis International, and Ambassador for Leadership in Human Rights with the Harvey Milk Foundation
Posted 1on: Wednesday - Sep 03, 2014
Danné Montague-King has lived a life that has all the elements of a feature film. A celebrity hairdresser in Newport Beach in the 1960’s Danné shopped with Jane Russell, and styled wigs for Diana Ross. He was living a charmed life, when one day Maybelline heiress, Evelyn F. Williams walked into his shop and set him firmly on a journey that shaped the rest of his life.


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Connie Allen, Blackjack Dealer,
Casino Expert Autho

A professional Blackjack Dealer for 16 years, former casino employee Connie Allen is ready to share step by step how to keep your money a while longer for the Novice Players.
A few tips for the experience players also.
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Lack Of Cockery

Movie Premier

A venture capitalist enlists a desperate indie singer to engage in a life swap with him. But when an unexpected female guest shows up at his door, he is forced to question his perspective on identity and love. How far would you go to make it?
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"Hailey Rose is a wonderful, gifted storyteller. Her book is an honest and inspirational tale of abuse survival. It is well written, and will captivate the hearts and minds of readers everywhere."

-Kait Neese, Director,  Best Selling Books Rights Agency

"A fascinating story about overcoming the consequences of abuse. Too many women deal with the long-term consequences of a traumatic childhood. Hailey Rose's story should inspire others to never stop reaching for their dreams and to not let the past weigh them down."

-Vicki Lopez-Beecham, MD



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